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Shopping For Cheap Street Sheek

So many clothes in such tiny stores

I have a real appreciation for fashion, even if I can’t, and usually don’t, dress like I have any fashion sense at all. Being on mainland China and on the streets of Hong Kong, I have had my eyes opened to more clothing combinations and shoes than I have ever seen in the States.

A few suggestions on how to mix and match

While wandering around the shops on Fa Yuen Street and Granville Street, I saw outfits that I might not have the guts to wear, but sure loved seeing. I wanted to buy so much, but I was afraid of my usual shopper’s remorse- what looks good here, may not look so great, or even be practical in my raining, Seattle weather. I do love summer clothes though!

Clothing so cheap, why not buy it all?

A few things to note about some of the best and cheapest shopping places I have been to in both Shenzhen and Hong Kong:

Fashion fun for the whole family

  1. They are not always stroller friendly. It’s not that the shops don’t want you to come in, it’s just that they are so tiny, and there are so many people crowded in, that you can’t maneuver a stroller and still look at the clothing. I found it a bit easier to get into shops on Granville Street than I did on Fa Yuen. In Shenzhen, I had a friend with me, so she would stay with Dek while I shopped.
  2. A lot of the shops carry the same things, whether it be clothing, shoes or accessories. I didn’t notice a huge price difference from shop to shop, but I wasn’t comparing that much.
  3. Sometimes the clothing will only come in one size. There are a lot of elastic waistbands. This can be good or bad depending on your size. I saw very few changing rooms though, so know your European size, although a lot of the time there was no label at all.

Don't forget to accessorize

The clothes were still cheap enough for me to go a bit crazy tonight as I wandered down Granville Street. Hopefully that cute dress, skirt and cardigan won’t be a bad decision, and I’ll actually wear them once I get home. I think I will.

Keryn Means
Keryn Means
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  • Marissa Meyer

    Such cute outfits! I’m sure you won’t regret what you bought. Summer’s just around the corner. :)

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