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Walkingon Joins the Trip Styler Team

Trip Styler editor-in-chief hard at work

I am very excited to announce that I have joined the team over at Trip Styler as their newest monthly columnist. I’ll be covering family travel in a section called KinderHop. Don’t worry, you can still find me here writing about our family misadventures, you will just get a little extra each month.

EIC Trish Friesen of Trip Styler

The first KinderHop launched this morning. Learn a little more about me, and what we have in store for the column. Then come back on the third Monday of each month as I share a little travel wisdom on topics ranging from hotel rooms with kids to the best places on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Not familiar with Trip Styler? Don’t worry, you will be. This travel lifestyle e-publication created by Vancouver-based writer Trish Friesen is for aspiring jetsetters looking for the best way to make their travel dreams a reality. Nothing is impossible. And this is what Trip Styler and Walkingon Travels have in common. I have never shied away from an experience just because my family is in tow. I created a “trip style” that worked for our family.

As Trish puts it, “variety is the spice of life. A trip style is how a person chooses to travel on a given trip, and most travelers have a range. Every trip style is heavily influenced by a number of key factors including: budget, time available, area of interest, travel companions, activity level and desired experience.”

Mike and I have figured out a few of our own trip styles, but they are ever evolving and changing as Dek grows  and his little brother joins us in a couple of months. I am very excited to bring a new element to Trip Styler, spread the word that family travel is possible,  introduce you to some exciting ideas and learn a little more about myself in the process. We are bound to have a lot of fun.

Keryn Means
Keryn Means
Keryn is the founder and editor-in-chief of Walking on Travels, an award-winning site that gives hope to today’s active parents who don’t want to stop their lives; they simply bring their kids along for the ride. Keryn utilizes her project management background, along with a masters degree in journalism and an undergrad degree in photography to the team to create dynamic content and a vision that keeps up with the latest technology and trends. You can find Keryn dragging her 2 boys around the DC area most days and across the globe several times a year. Follow along on their adventures on Instagram and Pinterest.
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  • Ryan Schultz

    awesome… congrats!

  • Lisa Wood

    Oh what a blast that is going to be – to write for the Trip Styler :)

    Looking forward to following your once a month news!


  • Lisa


  • Sue

    This is awesome Keryn! Congrats!!!

  • Mom

    Two of your most ardent admirers are very excited for their favorite journalist!

  • cravesadventure


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