Things to Do with a Pregnant Woman, Infant and/or Toddler in Whistler, BC

We may just be starting to feel the cool breeze of autumn blowing through Seattle, but snowboard season is fast approaching. I am already looking at the calendar to see when we can get back up to Whistler. Dek should be able to start ski lessons. I can finally strap on my board and fall down the mountain again.

But what to do with Ty and Dek when we aren’t on the slopes?

A little free sledding on a man-made hill in Whistler Village

Last season I got to explore the quieter side of Whistler snow activities. As a very pregnant woman and mother of a 2-year-old that wasn’t quite ready for a snowboard or skis we explored the village, made our own snow fun on a tiny mound of the white and fluffy stuff, ate some delectable crepes and took in a fire and ice show.

Learning to ice skate at the free Whistler Village rink

Need a little more? Here is a round-up of posts from last season to get your appetite ready for the coming months. And don’t miss all the “How to” information in the Whistler, BC trip report.

Fire and Ice Show

I’m linking up with The Mother of All Trips for a round-up of snow experiences around the globe. Check her site for links to more great ski destinations both near and far. 

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written by Keryn Means

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