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Get to Know… To Europe with Kids

There are a lot of people traveling out there; it’s really not just me wandering the globe with my family. I thought it was time to introduce you to a few of my traveling friends. You can learn about their journey on their blog, but I wanted to dig in a little deeper to find out what makes them tick. Well ok, it’s not going to be that philosophical; I really just wanted to find out what their favorite snack is. Come along on the ride as we “Get to know” a few travelers just a little bit better. 

So, Sonja from To Europe with Kids, what do you blog about?  Traveling to Europe with my kids and as a kid, and the enthusiasm I have for planning trips and recommending little-known family destinations in Europe.

Favorite late night snack?  Chocolate chip ice cream.
Best food discovery?  Pastéis de Belém in Lisbon.

One thing you can’t leave the house without?  Crystal Light On the Go Drink Mix.
Plane, train, car or boat?  Train.
Carry on or checked bag?  Carry on.
What kind of luggage do you prefer? Wheeled duffle.
Do you ever get tired of packing?  No, I’m an organizer/arranger by nature anyway.

Favorite place you have traveled to?  Hallstatt, Austria. No…wait, Brugge, Belgium. Oh and Seville, Spain. And…and…and…
Dreaming of going to next?  Croatia.

One thing you search out on your travels?  Charming little villages.
Best travel advice?  How to churn credit cards to earn mileage points.
Worst travel advice?  Leave the kids at home.
Favorite jet lag trick?  Advil PM on plane to sleep the whole flight.
Biggest travel pet peeve?  When they want to check my carry-on.

Most embarrassing incident while traveling?  Confusing the dates I booked a hotel and showing up the wrong day.
Most beautiful sunset/sunrise?  Sunset from the Alhambra in Granada, Spain.
Most amazing accidental discovery? Tiny Lake Lauter near Mittenwald, Germany.

And finally…sweet or savory?  Sweet.

As a child of European immigrants, I began traveling back and forth to Europe with my family at age 3, graduated to European backpacker status in my 20s, and now love to take my own kids to the continent as frequently as possible.  I blog at To Europe With Kids about planning trips with kids and terrific destinations for families in Europe.  You can also find me on Twitter at @toeuropewithkid.


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written by Keryn Means


Keryn Means
Keryn Means
Keryn is the founder and editor-in-chief of Walking on Travels, an award-winning site that gives hope to today’s active parents who don’t want to stop their lives; they simply bring their kids along for the ride. Keryn utilizes her project management background, along with a masters degree in journalism and an undergrad degree in photography to the team to create dynamic content and a vision that keeps up with the latest technology and trends. You can find Keryn dragging her 2 boys around the DC area most days and across the globe several times a year. Follow along on their adventures on Instagram and Pinterest.
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