Jet Lag Survival

Jet lag doesn't have to be painful, but you do have to have patience

Jet lag doesn’t have to be painful, but you do have to have patience

Baby jet lag isn’t fun for anyone. There are no magic tricks or tips that can carry you 100% through it. Adjustment can vary on your child’s age and how far you travel. A trip to China will affect your baby’s jet lag much differently than a trip across the country.

We all experience some form of jet lag and what it takes for us to recover. I need loads of fresh fruit for major time shifts, Mike needs coffee and Dek needs milk. It’s just a matter of figuring out what works for you and your baby’s jet lag. Keep life simple when necessary and keep telling yourself that it is all worth it in the end. Because it really is.

In general, I’ve found that baby jet lag can last from 3 to 14 days depending on where we go. Arriving at our destination may only take a few days adjustment, but coming home can be much more tricky. Every trip I learn something new about baby jet lag and experience a new way of handling all of our jet lag.

Here are just a few posts that tackle the monster that is parent and baby jet lag.

Your smiling baby will be back before you know it

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A Few Tips For Mom and Dad
  • Whenever possible, do not go back to work the next day. Mike and I have both done this countless times coming back from Asia and Europe. It hurts. Yes, it is one more vacation day you might have to take, but it will be worth it. Your body, mind and kid will thank you.
  • Pace yourself. Whether you are coming or going, it will take a few days for everyone to settle in and get over their jet lag. Don’t plan huge events the day you arrive at your destination or at home, or even the day after. No one will have a good time. Grab that cappuccino at the cute cafe down the street. Call it a movie day when you are home so everyone can veg and recover from jet lag. You are still all together and experiencing something new (or familiar if you are at home.)
  • Be patient. This is a hard one and not something I am good at. I want my beautiful baby, who just had a blast on our trip, to wake up at home refreshed and back on schedule. It won’t happen. Baby jet lag lingers. Hang in there though. Your baby will get back on schedule and sleep as well as they did pretrip before you know it.

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