Game Time at the Art Museum

One of my favorite blogging moms, Suitcases and Sippy Cups, always has some great travel tips for kids. She might not consider herself a travel mama expert, but with four little boys in tow, I think she is one of the great superhero travel moms out there. Her writing is really fun to read too. She is also home schooling. Did I mention that?

A lot of her posts are educational, as well as entertaining, so I thought I would share one of my favorites. Since I work in the art world and museums are part of our lives, I like that there are ways to really engage kids, and fun games you can play to make, what may seem like a boring old museum to a preschool or grade-schooler, really exciting and a place to look forward to going to. I can’t wait to try some out with Dek when he is older.

Check out her latest tips in  Art Boosts Brain Power:Ten Games to Play at an Art Museum 

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  • Izy Berry

    Awesome tips – Museums are always so easy to get lost in. Thanks for reposting this :)

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