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There are a lot of people traveling out there. It’s really not just me wandering the globe with my family. I thought it was time to introduce you to a few of my traveling friends. You can learn about their journey on their blog, but I wanted to dig in a little deeper to find out what makes them tick. Well ok, it’s not going to be that philosophical; I really just wanted to find out what their favorite snack is. Come along on the ride as we “Get to know” a few travelers just a little bit better. 

So, Dave from A Couple Travelers, what do you blog about? Vicky and I (Dave) have been traveling together since we were 17. As seniors in high school we spent 12 days in Italy after graduation. Since then we’ve gone to Spain, Israel, and Greece, as well as many other countries separately. Our upcoming two-year trip will be our longest consecutive travel time together. We have a very detailed route through Asia and Europe that maps out the next two years. We blog about our experiences in these countries and specifically about tips for budget travel.

Favorite late night snack? Ice Cream…sundae if I can muster up the strength
Best food discovery? Rice balls in Japanese convenient stores. They’re cheap, delicious, and filling. Also very easy to pack/transport. I’ve had about a dozen so far after a week in Japan.

One thing you can’t leave the house without? We take our Kindle everywhere as a great way to get information in a compact way. It fits right in your pocket!
Plane, train, car or boat? I really like when I can double up on transportation AND accommodation. So any sort of overnight train or boat I think is the best.
Carry on or checked bag? Check it and forget it.

Oia, Greece

What kind of luggage do you prefer? Right now we travel around with backpacks (mine is 65L) and when I don’t have to carry it around for an extended period of time. I like being a minimalist and having as few belongings as possible.
Do you ever get tired of packing? Of course! We have to pack up our stuff almost every night because we CouchSurf so much. It gets tedious but we don’t have much stuff and you get the hang of it.

Favorite place you have traveled to? I think Greece is my top pick right now. It was the perfect combination of relaxation (beaches in Santorini) and sightseeing (monuments in Athens).
Dreaming of going to next? Heading to South Korea next and am very excited for a StarCraft tournament in Seoul.

One thing you search out on your travels? Always searching for a place to get free wi-fi.

Vicki and Dave with Masahi, their host for the first two nights in Kyoto

Best travel advice? Do it while you’re young. When we told everyone about our trip, so many of our co-workers said the same thing – “Man, I always wanted to do something like that but just never got around to it”. We decided that we did NOT want to be those people. Make it happen. It doesn’t have to be two years. Even people I know who have backpacked for just two months have come back with great experiences and new perspectives.
Worst travel advice? Don’t travel to so many places

Favorite jet lag trick? When arriving in a new place make sure to wait it out until nighttime (at least 9-10pm) before falling asleep. If you take a nap it throws you off for days.
Biggest travel pet peeve? People hassling you when you’re looking for a place to eat (market vendors, street vendors). I just want to walk around and look without someone harassing me.
Most embarrassing incident while traveling? I once asked my CouchSurfing host if a picture he had on his wall was his son…it was his wife.

Most beautiful sunset/sunrise? The Oia sunrise on Santorini Island in Greece.
Most amazing accidental discovery?  Most amazing is hard, I usually think about food. So, for example, a small, hole-in-the-wall, noodle shop in Osaka that had the most delicious soup.

And finally…sweet or savory?  Definitely SWEET!

Having spent 2 years in the working world, Dave and Vicky are ready to exchange their briefcases for backpacks, dress shoes for sandals, and beds for sleeping bags. Starting in September they will be embarking on a 2 year journey across Asia and Europe. You can follow along at A Couple Travelers where you’ll find travel reflections, blogging resources and restaurant reviews. Subscribe to them on  Twitter and Facebook


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written by Keryn Means

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  • Lisa

    Thanks for the introduction, Keryn – I hadn’t met Vicki and Dave before! I think they may like food as much as us!!

  • Erin

    Found your blog thru Our Everyday Harvest blog hop. It is really fascinating!!
    Started following a few Pinterest boards.


  • Dave

    Thanks so much for the interview Keryn!

  • alyson@world travel family

    I’ve been following these two in blogland for a while now, loved reading all about Japan and now they are starting on Korea. They are so young to be doing all this and setting up such a great and informative site, or maybe I’m just old! Lovely, wish it was us, but our turn will come, 8 months to go!

  • Adam Sommer

    Nice interview! Glad to find another new travel blog to follow…!

  • 30traveler

    I really like Dave and Vicky’s blog. I love all the stats and graphs on their site e.g., their spending, ratio of successful couch surfing requests, breakdown of how much money they saved by buying a rain pass.

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