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There are a lot of people traveling out there. It’s really not just me wandering the globe with my family. I thought it was time to introduce you to a few of my traveling friends. You can learn about their journey on their blog, but I wanted to dig in a little deeper to find out what makes them tick. Well ok, it’s not going to be that philosophical; I really just wanted to find out what their favorite snack is. Come along on the ride as we “Get to know” a few travelers just a little bit better. 

Charu and Baby Erika during Fashion’s Night Out

What do you blog about? I tend to write about stories that have transformed me, philosophically speaking, in some way shape or form: whether it’s a trip that made me think deeper about global issues, or come closer to Nature. I look for a story no matter where I travel to, whether it’s local or some place more “exotic.” I’ve turned the site more into a magazine focused on affordable luxury destinations, culture, and the digital community.

Favorite late night snack? Chocolate covered strawberries.
Best food discovery? Oh too many to list. But lately, vegan red velvet pancakes.

One thing you can’t leave the house without? My iPhone.
Plane, train, car or boat? Plane, for sure! I love efficiency and planes get you from point A to Z in the shortest amount of time.

Carry on or checked bag? Carry on. Can’t stand those extra fees!
What kind of luggage do you prefer? Wheeled pack. I love it when I don’t have to do any heavy lifting!
Do you ever get tired of packing? Actually I have tried to master the art of perfect packing but I never do, so each go around is a new chance for me to experiment to see if I finally get it “right.” answer your question, no.

Favorite place you have traveled to? Hard question but Rome, Italy and Bath, England.
Dreaming of going to next? Dreaming of going to Costa Rica to see Corcovado and Arenal.
One thing you search out on your travels? A proper story. I really live for travel stories and genuine experiences.

Charu & Pueblo Indian musician, Robert Mirabal, in Taos, NM

Best travel advice? Be open minded and flexible. Believe in the kindness of strangers.
Worst travel advice? Hmm…not sure what to say here.
Favorite jet lag trick? Eat before you board, and sleep on the plane. Order a special meal if you can, because you’ll get it first and then you can sleep.

Biggest travel pet peeve? People who complain they didn’t get anything out of traveling to a place. Every destination is a journey, and has a tale to tell.
Most embarrassing incident while traveling? Not getting a visa for country. Didn’t find out until I went to board the plane!

Most beautiful sunset/sunrise? Sounion, Greece. It was a Homeric sunset and to this day I never forget it.
Most amazing accidental discovery? That we are really all the same, all over the world.

And finally…sweet or savory? Definitely sweet!

ButterflyDiary is an online magazine, with stories on how travel can transform one’s outlook. Charu left a career in Investment Banking to pursue her passions — travel and writing– several years ago and has not looked back since. A full time freelance writer and Social Media consultant, she loves to pen her journeys in the following beats: affordable luxury destinations, culture, vegetarian food and the digital community. As a new mom, she’ll be paying a lot more attention to kid-friendly places. Her husband, Matthew Minucci, takes most of the photos found on the site and soon Baby Erika will be making several appearances in her travel posts! Follow her on Twitter and Pinterest

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  • Lisa

    Nice to meet you Charu! Red velvet pancakes sound awesome!!

  • Jenna

    Fun interview! I love Charu’s perspective because it reminds me a bit of my own interest in looking at what is under the surface of a place. I also love seeing how much she enjoys being a mom. Motherhood such a transformative journey.

  • Charu

    Thank you so much for featuring me and thanks ladies for the very kind words!

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