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There are a lot of people traveling out there. It’s really not just me wandering the globe with my family. I thought it was time to introduce you to a few of my traveling friends. You can learn about their journey on their blog, but I wanted to dig in a little deeper to find out what makes them tick. Well ok, it’s not going to be that philosophical; I really just wanted to find out what their favorite snack is. Come along on the ride as we “Get to know” a few travelers just a little bit better. 

So, Nancy from Family on Bikes, what do you blog about? Used to be about our adventures cycling from Alaska to Argentina, but not I’m more focused on encouragement and inspiration to help others pursue their passion and follow their dreams.

Favorite late night snack? Strawberries and cream

Best food discovery? Buñuelos – delightful deep-fried corn muffins from Colombia

One thing you can’t leave the house without? chapstick

Plane, train, car or boat? None of the above. I prefer bikes.

Carry on or checked bag? Carry them on the bike, of course!

What kind of luggage do you prefer? the wheeled kind. Big wheels, I mean. If I can’t have my bike, then I’ll take a backpack.

Do you ever get tired of packing? Yes. In fact, I was so tired of setting up and taking down our tent by the end of our journey that it was sheer drudgery.

Favorite place you have traveled to? I call unfair question. You’re asking me to choose a favorite child.

Dreaming of going to next? Loving it here in Boise, Idaho for now!

One thing you search out on your travels? Interesting people. That’s the best part of travel.

Best travel advice? Just do it.

Worst travel advice? Don’t listen to all those idiotic articles that make it sound like travel is hard & that you’ll need everything and the kitchen sink. It’s easy & you don’t.

Favorite jet lag trick? Sleep.

Biggest travel pet peeve? When people disrespect the local culture.

Most embarrassing incident while traveling? Umm… how ’bout cycling through India when diarrhea hit and I had to jump off my bike and head behind the bushes – but not before a crowd of kids saw and followed me?

Most beautiful sunset/sunrise? Peruvian coast

Most amazing accidental discovery? We were cycling some remote road in India when we stumbled upon the largest Jain temple in the world. We had no idea it was there, but spent a whole day exploring the temple and the amazing maze of tunnels beneath it.

And finally…sweet or savory? Depends on the day.

Nancy Sathre-Vogel is a long-time schoolteacher turned nomadic mama. After spending twelve years living the expat life, she headed out to explore her world on bicycles with her husband and children. They spent a total of four years gallivanting around the Americas, including riding 17,300 miles from Alaska to Argentina. Now she lives in Idaho where she attempts to inspire others to pursue their passion and live their dream. Follow their journey via the Family on Bikes website, Facebook and Twitter.
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written by Keryn Means

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  • Lisa Wood

    Love getting to know more about Family on Bikes :)

    Thanks for the great interview – good to know that they love midnight snacks, and what there least favorite thing is about travelling (Setting up/taking down the tent!!)

  • 30traveler

    Family on Bikes really are inspirational. When I consider they biked from Alaska to the bottom of South America, it makes everything else seem easy!

    I love that they just decided to do it and did, but I also like that they’re sensible and obviously did think carefully about issues like insurance and safety.

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