Give the Gift of Life with Passports with Purpose

Could you go one day without water? How about three? What about 5?

No? Why not?

Water. It is part of every human’s essential make up. It covers our planet. It feeds the earth. It is the natural gift that should just keep giving.

And yet some go without. Some die of dehydration. Others have water but it is so polluted they become ill with cholera, typhoid, hepatitis, chronic diarrhea, and other waterborne diseases.

But what can we do about it?

Solving the world’s water problems seems like an insurmountable task, but just like climbing Mount Everest, we can do it one step at a time.

I’ve joined up with Passports with Purpose again this year to help build 2 water wells in Haiti through

Remember Haiti, that small island nation that was devastated by an earthquake back in early 2010; the country already struggling to get clean water to its inhabitants.? They still need our help.

Here’s where you come in

Passports with Purpose launched their annual fundraiser last week. It is the only fundraiser they do, and it is one of the most innovative ways to raise money I have ever seen. Over 100 bloggers have rallied to offer up prizes you can win as part of the process.

The basic idea is that for a $10 donation you get to put your name into the hat for a specific prize. These are not cheap prizes either. All are valued over $100! Impressive, I know.

Prizes range from clothing to photography gear, and hotel stays to weeklong excursions in France.

Still not convinced?

Here are a six of my favorites being offered up by bloggers around the world.

Hop over to Passports with Purpose and let me know what you hope to win in your efforts to bring water to the people of Haiti.

You may not be able to solve the world’s problems on your own, but with Passports with Purpose you can multiply your reach and help bring clean drinking water to a nation that desperately needs it.

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