Headed Out for a Vancouver Weekend

We are headed up to Vancouver this weekend. I couldn’t be more excited. Dek is excited to check out the aquarium. Mike and I can’t wait to sample some of Vancouver’s culinary culture and walk through a few of the neighborhoods. I am also hooking up with fellow blogger Trip Styler to break a little bread and discuss what’s new in our travel worlds.

Somewhere in there I will also relax. With my travel bug on hyper drive the farther along (and bigger!) I get in my pregnancy, the more my brain says, “get out there! Go, go, go!” I’ve scheduled a fancy pedicure at the hotel spa and can’t wait to lap up a little luxury.

Stay tuned next week for details on our trip and all the wonders this not so tiny city has to offer.

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  • Lisa

    I’m having trouble keeping up with everyone else with all my computer problems this week – I hope you had a fabulous weekend in Vancouver!!

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