Prosciutto Sandwich- this is a modified version of the Parma from DeLaurenti’s in Pike Place Market, Seattle. It is also very simple to make.

  • Grab your favorite baguette (mine is the Sea salt crusted herb baguette from Macrina’s Bakery in Seattle), slice it length-wise.
  • Add in as much prosciutto as you like, along with some arugula and close it up.
  • You can add in cheese for shorter flights.
  • The Parma has truffle oil in it, but if you don’t want slightly soggy bread or your don’t like truffles, you can grab some mustard packets at the airport.
Kid-friendly? This is not as kid friendly as other sandwiches or Recipes. A baguette can be too tough for tiny teeth and prosciutto, although delicious, can be very salty. A variation using ham and wheat bread can be made for a smaller child.
Travel Tip: Wrap the sandwich in tin foil and stick in the fridge the night before you leave. I’ve done this sandwich for flights as far as Italy, which is about 12-17 hours travel time.