Victoria, BC



Must-See Attractions


  • There is a great public bus system you can use to get from downtown out to Butchart Gardens and other local attractions
  • Budget Rental cars can be picked up downtown
    • If you choose to drive, remember that the speed limit is in kilometers not in miles
  • If you are leaving from Seattle, consider taking the Victoria Clipper. You can be in downtown Victoria in 2 hours and 45 minutes. No traffic jams, no screaming kids strapped in a car seat for hours.


  • John's Place, 723 Pandora Avenue- for a hearty and pretty cheap breakfast head over to this local favorite. Lines can get long on the weekend so show up early if possible.
  • Koto Sushi, 510 Fort Street, Victoria- Decent bento boxes, but nothing to write home about. Easy to grab food in a pinch if the much more popular Ebizo Sushi, 604 Broughton Street.
  • Pizzeria Prima Strada, 230 Cook Street, Victoria- take a walk out of downtown Victoria and rub elbows with the locals at this neighborhood hotspot. Don't be afraid of the lineup at the door. Many people are just waiting for take out. Grab some antipasta and a few pizzas and your family is good to go!



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