Spread Your Wings at Cannon Beach

Watch yourself become a kid again at Cannon Beach, Oregon

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written by Keryn Means

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  • Amber

    Stunning photo!

  • Reply

    Gorgeous shot!

  • Lisa Wood

    Love the photo!

  • Tess (planettreasures)

    What a lovely spot.

  • Sarah Lynn

    This needs to be printed and framed! :)

  • Whitney

    Ok this is hilarious – when I saw your button and title of the blog I thought “ohhhh a traveling blog! too bad I’m a mommy and can’t travel right now” – then immediately upon arriving at your blog I read your about me section and it’s for moms like ME who think they cant. HA! I’m totally glad I found your blog from Return the Favor hop! Excited to follow you!!!

    • Reply

      So glad you found me! We love to travel and I get both my boys out the door as often as possible. In fact I’m taking them both (oldest is 3 and youngest will be 6 months old when we leave) to Europe for 5 weeks this fall. Hubby will meet up with us half way through. Yes, I am insane, but at least I’ll be staying with friends every step of the way.
      Let me know if you have any questions, poke around the site and enjoy the ride!

  • posh

    Wow that’s beautiful.

    Have a great WW.

  • Niceartlife Magazine

    What a wonderful paradisaical place! Wonderful rock formations and wide beach, this surely would invoke the kid in me too 😉 Great photo and nice to see the joy of both playing there.

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