Gift Ideas for Travelers


I am always on the hunt for the perfect gifts for my family and friends. This past holiday season I found a few great item and continue to add more as they come up. The fastest way to find my latest picks is to head on over to the Walkingon Travels Store via I’ve set up a little shop so you can easily find the things I love. I do get a percentage of the proceeds from your purchase, but this in no way affects your price. It just takes a little out of Amazon’s pocket and helps me keep this blog going.

So what have I found so far? 

Books That Get Your Travel Juices Flowing

  • For Young Readers
    • The Pet Dragon by Christoph Niemann- learn Chinese in a fun and unique way by associating drawings to Chinese characters. Have fun finding a dragon along the way too.
    • Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans- That little red-head sure can get around. She goes to school in Paris, travels to London, the USA and more. What little reader wouldn’t want to follow these classic adventures?  Even Dek loves to read them. Better yet, there is a guide in the back of the book telling you about the historic sights and monuments featured in each story.
    • Planes by Byron Barton- your littlest reader can get excited by these brilliant illustrations. Perfect for any youngster headed out on their first flight.
    • Good Night Boston (part of the Good Night Our World series) by Adam Gamble- introduce young travelers to the Charles River, Celtics and Old Ironside. Not into Boston? There are plenty of other cities in the series, maybe even the city you long to visit.


  • Kindle Fire– I’ve only had our Fire for a few weeks and I’m already in love. Small, light-weight and so easy even my 2 year old is figuring out how to use it. And…it fits nicely in my non-mama purse.
  • iTunes and Amazon gift cards- nothing says I love you like letting someone order their favorite movie, book or music for their Apple device and Kindle. Better yet, if you need a last-minute gift, these can be emailed or printed out and thrown in a card. No one is forgotten and you just saved the day.
  • Memory Cards – I prefer to carry cards no bigger than 4GB for my DSLR and 8 GB for my point and shoot. Call me paranoid, but I’d rather have a few back up cards incase one goes corrupt instead of putting all of my egg (or in this case photos) in one basket.

Practical and Precious Artwork

  • Scratch Map– I am so excited to get this map for Christmas. I only hope someone gets the hint and orders it for me! Who doesn’t want to be a kid again and get to scratch off every country the have visited just like an old art project from kindergarten. This is a little more high-class than my old drawings, so maybe the toddler won’t be touching it.
  • Maptote grocery bags and every day bags– These bags are so funky and fun, you may not want to let your kids near them. With maps of several cities around the world, it’s a great geography lesson and convenient tote in one. Oh and they have baby onesies too!
  • Places On Earth Print– I’m a sucker for limited edition prints. There is just something special about knowing you are only one of however many people to have it. I already missed out on the black version which sold out, so get yours quick if you want to take advantage of this beautiful rendering of the world.
  • Maptote World Alphabet Poster– I can’t think of a better way to learn your ABCs and a little geography at the same time. With animal prints to entertain, baby #2 might be checking out this poster from the changing table by the spring.

Toys for the Little Ones

  • Fisher-Price Fun 2 Imagine Pocket Camera– I originally found this camera at a consignment shop. I thought it had been discontinued, but Toys R Us and Amazon continue to prove me wrong. Dek loves this little camera/ viewfinder with loads of animal pictures. I’m happy because he has his own camera to play with instead of mine. He is happy because he can be just like mommy and take his own “pictures.” Very soon we may just be ready for a sturdy digital camera! I can’t wait!
  • LeapFrog TagMaps: World – I bought the USA map version of this last year for my nieces and nephews so they could see where their cousin lives. They loved it so much they specifically asked for the world map this year. Now they will get to follow their cousin around the world as we wander.

For the New Mama

  • Ergo Sport Baby Carrier– Even though Dek is 2 years old, this is still my favorite carrier. It’s washable and it fits in my backpack along with any other baby/toddler stuff we might need for a long day trip or even a flight. We still use it for nap emergencies on the road if we don’t have room for a hiking backpack. Dek snuggles right in and can be walked to sleep in minutes. He’ll have to move on over though when Baby #2 arrives in 2012.
  • Fran’s Chocolates– Smoked Salted Caramels in Milk Chocolate (also available in Dark Chocolate) is a weakness of mine. Let’s not even get started on chocolate and how important it is to a new mom’s sanity when all those hormones start bouncing around post-baby. If you add in caramel and salt you are just asking for a blissed out mama. Daddy’s take note- if you want to try a sample, get your own box!

Handmade and DIY Gifts

  • is one of my favorite sites for unique gifts. Last year I found vintage children’s blocks to spell out Dek’s name. I liked them so much that I ordered them for two other friends who’d had boys that year. The artist was able to customize the pictures to each of the boy’s interests and taste (Ok, so their parents tastes really.) Dek has a map on one of his along with airplanes and other fun kid and travel inspired images.
  • Arrows Sent Forth wrote a terrific post this past November that includes a shadowbox piggy bank to get younger travelers excited for their next big adventure. She has a lot more ideas to get even the most timid DIYer (that would be me) inspired to pick up a glue gun.

Got your own wish list or great gift find? Feel free to leave a comment below. I’m always on the lookout for fun and unique gifts. 

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