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In case you haven’t checked out my new Press page under About on my blog, here are a few links to articles I’ve been quoted in lately. Keep an eye out for more ramblings by me on other sites.

What’s the Worst Travel Advice You’ve Ever Received? (By Adam Seper @BootsNAll)

Best Music for Family Road Trips (By Colleen Lanin @TravelMamas)

Need more to explore?

  • Read about my tricks to keeping food cold on a plane without getting ice through security in Plane Food & Recipes.
  • Is the idea of baby jet lag pulling you under? Go to Back Home for jet lag and eating suggestions for you and your little ones.
  • While there is getting loaded up with even more goodies and links to specific destinations. Got more info you want to add for a specific sight? Just shoot me an email.
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