Wordless Wednesday: Expose Yourself to Unfamiliar Food

Tomorrow I have a post going up giving a quick peek into how I became a more adventurous eater. The first step was simply taking myself out of my comfort zone and exposing myself to the unfamiliar foods of another culture. Here are a few outtake photos from that post. Come back tomorrow for the full report on just how I conquered my fears of foods as simple as fish. Yup. Fish.

Join others at My Little Drummer Boy and 5 Minutes for Mom for a little more Wordless Wednesday this week. 


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  • ConnieFoggles

    I’m not sure I could stomach some of those.

  • Ames

    You’re so brave! I don’t think I could have eaten those!

  • Tamara

    Oh good luck to you

  • Trish

    Hope you only get pleasant surprises.
    I am not so brave.

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