10 Things I miss about Seattle


We left Seattle in October 2014 not because we didn’t like it there. We actually love the city, the food, the people and the sights. It was a hard decision to leave and there are definitely things I will miss now that we are back on the east coast. What are they? Well, a few might surprise you.


Yes. You read that right. As much as I don’t like the rain, I much prefer it to endless snow storms. At least you don’t have to dig your car out of the rain or be trapped for days by the rain, at least not by Seattle’s drizzle. Plus, if it is raining in the city, you know it is snowing on the mountains.



I lived in Seattle for over eight years and every time I caught of glimpse of Mount Rainier, the Cascades and the Olympics it took my breath away. You just can’t get use to that kind of beauty, at least I’m glad I never did.


I have always loved living near water. It really helps me figure out where I am in a city. Growing up in Philadelphia I had the Schuylkill and the Delaware rivers to orient myself. In Seattle I had Lake Union and Lake Washington. It might have been too cold to swim in the lakes most of the year, but I still loved knowing they were there.

Green spaces

Seattle has not end of green spaces. There are massive parks in every neighborhood and plenty of urban hikes to tackle. Sometimes it feels like there are more trees than houses in the city too. Back east the concrete urban sprawl can get oppressive. I love knowing that in Seattle I can escape to various spots (Discovery Park is a favorite) and not feel like I’m anywhere close to the city. If you decide to leave the city you can get to some great hikes in under 30 minutes. I took for granted that I had access to these places. I should have gone out and used them more.

St. Edwards State Park 015

Indoor kid activities

Given the amount of rain we do get in Seattle, kid activities were plentiful to run out all of that pent-up energy. We loved bouncing around at the Seattle Gymnastics Academy, hitting one of the many coffee shops with toys around the city, checking out the indoor volleyball courts turned massive sandbox during the day, skateboarding at All Together Skate Park, and of course, indoor soccer classes.

Salmon, Sushi and Ranch Dressing

Basically I will really miss the food in Seattle. I really only began eating fish when we moved to Seattle eight years ago. I never ate salmon, rockfish or tilapia before we moved. Seattle turned me around. Now I can’t get enough, whether it be a nice cedar plank grilled salmon fillet or a raw slice on a bit of rice. Ranch dressing is another one of those things I will miss, although I found odd when we first moved. I was raised on the east coast where we put Ranch dressing on our salads. That is about it. On the west coast they dip their pizza in it, chicken, and anything else they can drizzle it across. I’ve taken to this quirk, especially when it comes to my pizza crust. My boys can’t have veggies without Ranch dressing now either.

So many flavors. What would you choose?


The cupcake wars in Seattle are a delectable battle that I will happily partake in any day of the week. Whether you like Trophy Cupcake, Cupcake Royale, Yellow Leaf or Pink Bella, you really can’t go wrong when it comes to cake and lots of frosting. Although I will say, I miss Cupcake Royale’s Salted Caramel chocolate cupcake and their Lavender Vanilla cupcake. Trophy has my heart for their s’more cupake and seasonal strawberry lemonade. Yellow Leaf will always fascinate me with their Pancakes n’ Bacon, but it’s their Boston Crème that you want if it is on the menu.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Seattle is where we started snowboarding. It was our way of getting through those winter blues. If it was raining in the city, you knew it was snowing on the mountains. We would plan our weekends around the weather. Instead of getting depressed by another rainy day, we would throw our boards in the car and head to the closest mountain. I also picked up cross-country skiing, a sport Mike has done since he was a little boy in PA. I fell in love the first time I tried in Silver Star, BC and bought skis on the spot. Hopefully we will find some nice trails in West Virginia to try out.



I don’t know why I love Canada so much but I do. Maybe it is the fact that a few of my favorite Fairmont Hotels are up there, or it could just be that I like knowing I can cross an international border in less than two hours. I do enjoy maple syrup too. More than that, I have some amazing friends in British Columbia who I never saw often enough when we lived so close.


Our friends should never be at the bottom of any list, but I felt they were owed an extra few words. We have met so many incredible people out here through our jobs, play groups, school and events. These friends are Seattle natives and transplants like us who have come to Seattle for work from across the country and around the globe. We will miss every single one of them and regret that we couldn’t be there to watch each other’s kids grow and sigh over what the teen years will bring. We will still Skype and visit, but it will never be the same.

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  • Kara {Our Whole Village}

    I’ve so wanted to visit Seattle! I need to make it a priority. We have friends living there so even have a place to stay! Your comment about the rain made me laugh. We lived in SF for years and I actually miss the fog. I’m ok wearing layers and light jackets year round if I can avoid living through winter snow and summer heat (I’m happy to visit both and then return to the fog).

  • Bronwen

    You know what Seattle misses? You!! Come visit soon!!

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