3 Reasons I Love My Kindle Fire

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Technology has revolutionized the way families travel. I remember sitting in the car as my family drove 9 torturous hours up to New Hampshire each summer. My mother would read us the Iliad and the Odyssey from the front seat (no, this is not a joke). My sister and I would listen to cassettes (remember those?) on our Walkman and groan when the batteries died forcing us to listen to our dad’s music.

Today, my own sons are blessed with a plethora of activities they could engage in to stay entertained. Of course our go to these days is the Kindle Fire.

This interactive tablet allows Dek to play games, watch movies and flip through books. I try to limit his use, but there are a few key times in our travels that I take advantage of the Kindle as much as possible.

Keep the Peace as We Commute

Dek has always been a great flyer. He is very slowly turning into a good car passenger. If Dek can hold my “book” as he calls it, he will stay quiet and entertained for hours.

When we have a long flight ahead of us I am more than happy to hand him my Kindle with a set of headphones and let him watch a few shows. This allows me to concentrate on his brother for a bit or get a spot of rest myself.

Little More Sleep for Mama

I’ll admit it. I am a mother who loves her sleep. I relish it. I crave it. I never, ever get enough of it.

My dirty little secret in the mornings is that I let Dek grab my Kindle and watch a show or two in bed with me so I can get a couple more minutes of sleep. As long as Ty is still passed out, I can trust Dek to hang out with me while I sneak in a little more shuteye.

Delicious Enjoyment

Have you noticed anything different at the table when you go out? Are you seeing the rules of etiquette being broken left and right as parents try to savor two minutes of a meal with their off spring? Yes, that would be me handing my iPhone over to my toddler son when we go out to eat, especially if it has been a very long day.

I can only expect so much from a 3 year old. This is not the solution for everyone, but for our family, a little technology has made our travels that much more enjoyable and taken the stress out of some situations.

The mom guilt is certainly there, but I have to look at the big picture. If a few hours of screen time is what it takes to get us to China or Switzerland so we can have 2 weeks of fun exploring a new place, well then I can live with that.

Do you let your kids play with your Kindle, iPad or tablet?


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  • Reply

    Technology has made our traveling much more pleasant. I’ve also read books to my kids, listened to books on CD and played my share of travel games with the kids but now that they have smartphones, they don’t complain as much about the “drive time” when we’re traveling. I just need to remember to pack the car charger because once the battery on those devices die, the complaining begins. 🙁

  • Allison

    Yes, we love traveling with technology for the same reasons. We do set limits so that nobody misses the vacation because of the electronics.

    We will be staying in a National Park lodge with no television for Fall Break, but nobody is sweating it because we will have Wi-Fi and the Kindle Fire, iPad, iPhone and laptop. We didn’t have any of these gadgets last year at this time. It’s amazing, and a little scary, how fast we learn to love them.

  • Mom

    In my defense, it was a children’s version of the Iliad and the Odyssey.:-) I like your point that if it helps them endure a long trip in order to have an incredible experience at the end, then it’s worth it. Moderation and good parental control is the key. As an educator(Reading Specialist)I love it when kids read, but hate to see anything isolate them from their environment, even a good book! Your boys are acquiring a huge framework of background knowledge and foreign language skills along with all the great books you read to them. They’ll become strong readers themselves as a result!

  • Adrienne

    Yes – I break all normal parenting rules when it comes to road,ferry, plane and any sort of transportation while traveling with my 5 and 2 year old. I absolutely love my Kindle Fire too and my phone is loaded with games and puzzles. Both have saved us in many restaurants. We do set some rules and I’ve seen some parents go to some extremes – but we’ve all been there and I’m not judging!

  • Nicole at Arrows Sent Forth

    I agree, it’s all about return on investment, so to speak. I have a little mom guilt over it at times, but like you said, if 2 episodes of Mickey’s Clubhouse gets us to a great location where tons of hands-on, interactive learning takes place, then so be it. I’ll take that trade-off anyday.

    And, as you pointed out and know all too well, it’s just essential when traveling by yourself with two young ones.

  • Nicole at Arrows Sent Forth

    PS: Love your mom’s comment. My sister is a reading specialist too. They’d have a grand old time together! 😉

  • Paul

    Kindle’s are great for entertainment especially in the rain and they don’t take up much room and are light
    Thanks for hosting this link party. I’ve just submitted my post about Top 10 Kindle Books for Camping

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