5 Ingredients for the Perfect Baby Beach

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Kauai-Beach-001Any parent that knows anything knows that big waves and babies do not mix. Strong undercurrents are a no-no when it comes to toddler swimming. Jellyfish are a danger to everyone. Finding the perfect beach to set up your water loving kids is essential for a beach holiday. Many top sun and sand destinations will already have their favorites, but what if you go to a more remote area? What should you look for before you break out the beach chairs and umbrella. 

M-and-T-001Calm waters

No one wants to think about his or her baby drowning, but any water poses a risk. Take down those odds but choosing a spot with calm, shallow waters, with no large waves crashing onto the rocks and sand.

Kei-Beach-001Low undercurrents

Send one parent in to test the rip tides and undertow. If you can’t stand without getting pulled or having to shift your feet every two seconds, just imagine your unbalanced baby and toddler walking into those waters and getting swept away.


Some beaches have manmade or natural breaks in the water just off shore. This can create prime snorkeling conditions for parents, and easy swimming and wading conditions for kids.

D-and-K-001Good sand

This may sound silly, but trust me, sand is just as important as water when it comes to a great baby beach. Your child won’t want to splash in the water for hours on end (OK, mine would, but he’s not every child); he will need a bit of sand to play in as well. Find a great sandy beach that has room for digging holes and building sand castles, is deep enough to set up your stuff without fear of the tide taking it away, and fine enough that little feet won’t be torn up.



All children need to be protected from the sun no matter their skin tone. Skin cancer is a very real thing, and the less sun exposure your family has the better off you ALL will be. If you can find a beach with trees or natural shelter, you will be able to escape the heat and harmful sunrays, while still letting your little ones run free and explore the sand and surf you traveled so far to enjoy.

You may not be boogie boarding any time soon, but if you are really lucky you can find a beach that has waves on one side, and then a break on the other allowing the baby to get in, older kids to get bashed by a few waves, and mom and dad to take turns doing a little boogie boarding or skim boarding. It’s not hard; just use common sense when picking your beach. Who knows, you may have more fun than you think…even with kids in tow.

Warning: Children should never be left unattended near any body of water. If mom or dad can’t be in with them, then kids need to come out. Drowning is a real danger, no matter how calm the water may be.


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  • Marina K. Villatoro

    I only stick to bay’s and super calm waters. I’m terrified of any kind of waves and feel out of my element especially with kids in the water.

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