5 Reasons I Love A Good Mother Son Dance

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Dek and I have always loved doing a little mother son dancing around the house. Of course he’s gone through phases of when he will actually dance with me and when he just looks at me like I’m crazy. You can guess which happens more often.

Lately we have been in a dancing slump. When I was pregnant with Ty I couldn’t really carry Dek around and swing him about. This got Dek out of the habit so that when I was finally able to dance again he was having none of it.

So when Dek stopped me on the way out of the Ballard Seafood Fest this past weekend I was a bit confused. Wylie and the Wild West were up on stage belting out some country tunes. What did Dek want?

He wanted to dance. With me! I was more than happy to oblige.

Here’s why this mom loves dancing with her boy:

  1. Dancing with my son gets us both on our feet to do a little exercise
  2. He sees I’m not afraid to make a fool of myself for him and he shouldn’t be afraid to either.
  3. Gives him a little confidence to bring with him in life. He won’t just be relegated to the sidelines at school dances and weddings…unless he chooses to be.
  4. These early years are precious and going by way to fast. Very soon he will be much too cool to even acknowledge me let alone let me swing him around in public.
  5. This is our thing! He does so much with his dad, but his dad sure doesn’t dance.

My favorite moment of the night was when Dek actually looked me straight in the face and said, “no mommy like this” and changed our hand position so our fingers were locked like the other dancers.

Hopefully this wasn’t a one-off chase. I’d love to get a few more mother son moments to throw on some tunes and practice our dance moves.

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  • Bronwen

    This is splendid! You know what a fan I am of dancing with your kids (and dancing in general). Looks like you guys have some great moves!

    • © Keryn Means/ walkingon travels

      It was a blast Bronwen. I’m actually hoping to pick up Salsa down at Century again in a few months once I can leave Ty for a longer stretch 🙂 Gotta get my hips back into dancing shape (and my waist back into my pre-prego jeans!)

  • Charlotte

    Lovely post! I often dance with my daughter around the living room! You made me realise that I should continue so that she doesn’t get out of the habit. Thanks for linking up! It certainly looks like lots of fun! :0)

  • Jim Ingalls

    Wonderful dance!

  • Lisa Isabella Russo

    How wonderful! I love these pictures, it looks like the two of you are having a blast.

  • Paula J

    He must have seen that your not so crazy for dancing after all because everyone else was doing it! How fun 🙂

  • Molly

    Awww bless him, what a lovely series of images. My son is about to be 13 and as you can image the days of dancing with Mum are seriously over. He is far to cool for that now!


  • Trish

    Precious times .

  • Lisa Wood

    Oh those are such special moments! Gee it brings back memories – my boys used to love dancing around the house, and with us. Now its too embarrassing :)Love the smiles on Dek’s sweet face!

  • Amy @ The BOAT

    Adorable! I love dancing with my kids. Unfortunately at 5, my son had decided he would rather dance by himself!

  • Brandi

    Awww these are so cute! Nothing better than a mother/son dance hehe. I love dancing with my 5 year old son…always makes him smile! 🙂

  • Kate

    This was so precious! As a passionate dancer, I know the joy you felt. I’ll have to take a turn next time we are together. Awesome!

  • Heather Kale

    This is so sweet! Awesome and very cute photos!

  • Theresa

    What a beautiful way to create memories! That looks like so much fun! He is certainly having a great time dancing with his mama 🙂

  • posh

    Wow, that looks like fun!

  • Yvette @ DTlilsquirts

    YAY Love a good mummy son dance!!!!

  • Marissa Meyer

    Cuteness overload!

  • Cathy Sweeney

    Dances to treasure! Loved your fun pics and story.

  • Lisa

    Love these photos – the two of you are having so much fun!!

  • Michelle @ Having Fun in the Texas Sun

    Keep calm and dance on!

  • sue

    I LOVE this post. My boys used to dance with me too and I loved it. I still recall listening to a band when my oldest was little and swinging him about. He would giggle just like your son is doing. Enjoy it while you can. I have to bargain for hugs now that he’s a teen.

  • jenny@atasteoftravel

    So beautiful Keryn! Let’s hope he wants to keep dancing with you for along time. They are precious moments together

  • Jackie Smith @travelnwrite

    Beautiful series. . .the joy is captured in these photos. Never lose that magic you share.

  • Becca@ R We There Yet Mom?

    I love this post – and I love dancing with my kids!! Thanks for linking up with us this week!!

    Keep on dancing!!!!

  • Leigh

    My son who is 29 now told me to take a year’s worth of dance lessons before I should even consider showing up on a dance floor should he ever get married. Gone are the carefree days as so beautifully shown in your photo.

  • InsideJourneys

    How sweet! This is a memory he’ll not forget, I’m sure.

  • Sensibletraveler

    He looks like superman when he’s spinning!

  • Sophie

    Love to dance and used to dance heaps with my daughters when they were younger. Sadly, I don’t have any photos. Yours are fun and fabulous 🙂

  • Sabrina

    How cute! You both look like you had a blast. Hope there will be many more moments like this 🙂

  • Andi at The Particular Traveler

    Such a sweet moment! I wish you and Dek many more beautiful dances through the years 🙂

  • Camille

    So cute. 🙂 I love dancing with my daughter too, it can put her to sleep or be fun. And it’s good exercise, which it’s hard to have the time for these days!

    • © Keryn Means/ walkingon travels

      Tell me about it! Good thing these kids keep us running and give us all the free exercise.

  • Jess @UsedYorkCity

    Absolutely adorable story, and the pics are priceless, too!

  • Nessa

    What a wonderful moment!! Those are the best mom-moments ever.

  • stevebethere

    Aww! something to look back on when je is an adult :-0

  • Jamie

    Great post – so sweet!!

  • Krystyn

    Oh…that is awesome on so many levels!

    Thanks for linking up to Mommy and Me Monday!

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