8 Lake Chelan Food Finds

Lake Chelan

Bear Foods Natural Market

Whenever I travel I never miss a chance to eat. The towns around Lake Chelan aren’t bursting with haute cuisine, but a few spots are definitely doing fabulous things with food. Many source their ingredients locally, and really play off of this on their menu.

Chelan, WA

Bear Foods Natural Market houses a nice selection of organic foods, but if you walk through the doors and head right you can find the crepe shop just waiting to make you a sweet or savory crepe. These hit the spot as a hearty snack before dinner.

Local Myth Pizza is possibly one of the best spots in town to grab a bite to eat. The service isn’t very fast, but the pizza is worth the wait. The lunch menu doesn’t include all of the salads, which is a shame because the Capri Sundae (mozzarella and tomatoes) looked phenomenal. The kids devoured the Stix, while we all enjoyed a Margherita Myth with added prosciutto. I mean really, isn’t everything better with a little prosciutto?

Chelan, WA

Chelan Evening Farmers Market

Chelan Evening Farmers Market. If you are a fan of local markets you won’t want to miss this Thursday night event on south Emerson Street just off of East Woodin Avenue, the main street through Chelan, WA. Bread, cheese, meat, produce, flowers, dessert and a few local crafts are represented in this small, but impressive weekly market. Bring cash as many vendors do not accept credit cards.

Riverwalk Inn (ice cream). If you are a fan of Tillamock Ice Cream then this is your spot. Service is spotty, but the end result is the same- creamy, delicious ice cream. The kid’s cone may look tiny, but the staff will pile on the ice cream. Don’t be scared your kids will freak out over the teeny tiny cone.


Manson, WA 

Blueberry Hills. Breakfast is never a meal I take lightly. You need to impress me. If my kids are with me, you better impress them too. It can be the food, the ambiance or a killer play area. I don’t care, as long as they are happy and I get to have a cup of coffee and carb-loaded breakfast. Blueberry Hills did all of that. This converted barn had just enough kitchsy charm to draw you in but not annoy you. The Dry Yeast Waffles with blueberry and peach pie topping were decadent, yet obviously healthy for you as they have fruit on top of them. Never mind that they are coated in sugar. The bacon was thick and crisp, and the eggs were gone before I even got to take a bit. A kids area hidden under the staircase makes a little cave for kids to hide out in while their parents wake up. The blueberry fields behind the restaurant, where you can pick your own blueberries (for a price) if you so choose, was a great spot for Dek to run off some energy before we hopped back in the car to explore.

Blueberry Hills Farm

Dry yeast waffles at Blueberry Hills Farm

Lake Chelan Winery BBQ. If you like ribs then you definitely need to make this winery a stop on your list. This kid-friendly restaurant is located behind the winery’s tasting room and offers up a finger –lickin’ good selection of food with fabulous wine pairings from their very own grapes. I couldn’t get my kids away from the blackened salmon, but thankfully Dek was off and running by the time we got to the ribs. No way was I going to share them more than I had to. Dek ran across the grass just steps from our picnic table underneath the barn-like structure that housed the restaurant. There were no walls, so kids can easily run back and forth while mom and dad enjoyed a relaxing meal. Don’t forget to top off your meal with a bit of strawberry shortcake. You didn’t come here to leave hungry after all.

Lake Chelan Winery

Blackened salmon, BBQ ribs and strawberry shortcake at the picnic tables of Lake Chelan Winery

Fromaggio. Of course no meal is complete without ice cream. We walked into Fromaggio just down the street to treat ourselves to homemade gelato and ice cream. Their locally sourced dinner choices and freshly made cheese menu made me wish we had more time to eat during our stay. If the ice cream was any indication, this place would whip up a phenomenal dinner this mama, and even the boys, could enjoy.


Enjoying some homemade gelato from Fromaggio

Sunset Bar & Grill. This spot recently opened up to families, making it easy for parents to grab a pint with their burger. The food was average, and I did find it strange that they advertise their sweet potato fries with an apple dipping sauce. The sauce was a single serving package of apple sauce. Not exactly fancy stuff here. The Bacon Blue Burger was decent, and Dek did eat his chicken fingers kids meal, which is always a bonus.

Chelan, WA

Sunset Bar and Grill

For more information check out our Lake Chelan Destination Guide.

Many thanks to Lake Chelan for arranging complimentary meals at the Sunset Bar & Grill and Lake Chelan Winery. As always my opinions are my own; when they aren’t you will be the first to know. 


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  • Kate @Wild Tales of...

    Yum! We’ve gone to several of these places, and were really happy with the food! Still dreaming of the Blueberry Blintz! We were totally bummed on our last trip because Local Myth was closed for the winter 🙁 Love their pizza.

  • Charu

    Beautiful photos! Love the pictures of the waffles and the blueberries. Berries are Erika’s most favorite snack…she will eat pints of it if I let her. Your little ones have so much character…

  • NWRoadtrips

    Great photos and excellent recommendations for Chelan. This is a beautiful town to visit and half the fun is exploring all the great places there are to eat there.

  • Mark

    Chelan is a top notch destination. So many great places to eat, as you discovered and shared. Very informative look at a pretty cool part of Washington State.

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