A Little Zen in Kowloon Park

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Quiet Moment in Kowloon Park, Hong Kong

Walking through Kowloon Park, I just couldn’t believe how peaceful it was. On our first morning in Hong Kong we were up early and in search of breakfast. We headed towards the park, which runs along Nathan Road. We walked by the Kowloon Mosque, took a stroll along the Sculpture walk and passed a hedge maze. Dek appreciated the ducks that were hanging out in the aviary, while we admired the many flamingos that were in residence.

Flamingos in the aviary

During our wander through the park, we only saw a handful of people. Mostly older gentlemen doing Tai Chi around the sculpture garden or one of the numerous fountains in the park. It was 8am on a Saturday. Where was everyone? Don’t get me wrong, after 24-hours of travel and a bad nights sleep I did not mind this peaceful oasis at all. I just wasn’t quiet sure what to do with it. Wasn’t Hong Kong notoriously flashy, loud and crowded? Did no one get up early on the weekend? Apparently not. Many shops didn’t open until at least 10am, but we finally noticed things picking up around noon.

Gazebo in Kowloon Park

On Sunday, we wandered back into Kowloon Park sometime in the afternoon. People were out in numbers. Members of a photography club were taking pictures of various models around the benches and art work. A Tai Chi class was taking place in one of the open spaces. Children were running around the maze or walking hand in hand with moms and dads while eating ice cream.

Past the maze and up a little hill there was a small gazebo in a pond (see above photo). This was my favorite spot. There were not a lot of people here and the light coming through the trees was so beautiful. Dek was able to run around, touch every leaf and bush in sight, lick a few rocks, and we could just sit back and watch our boy explore.

Behind the gazebo, a sword fighting class was taking place and to the right a drum and dance club was rehearsing. Dek played a game of peek-a-boo with one of the dancers while he checked out what they were doing. We looped back around and walked down the main thorough fare that cut through the park and saw families and couples meandering along, just enjoying their Sunday.

Playing Peek a Boo

It was truly amazing to see so many people coming out to be a part of the activities they love and really, just seeing normal people live their lives and enjoy the same things we do. I am so glad we cut through the park on our first day, while in search of some food and found this little oasis in the city. It made our trip all the more enjoyable.

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