Albert and the Amazing Pillow Monsters by Justin Drazin, a book review

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Albert-and-the-Amazing-Pillow-MonstersAs kids we all dealt with him and as parents we will deal with him again– that dreaded monster in the closet. He’s a pesky dude who doesn’t seem to age and has plagued generations of kids and their poor parents. I was terrified of the monsters in my closet. My dad routinely kicked them out each night before bed (they liked to throw parties in there, I was sure of it!) We are starting to see the same in our boys.

Thankfully there are books to address these fears head on. An incredible imagination put monsters in those closets, and some pretty amazing monsters in Albert and the Amazing Pillow Monsters are showing kids why it is OK for them to be there. As Albert drifts off to sleep he wakes up to monsters drifting all around his room. He runs off to Pillow Cave with them to explore the wonderful world they lived in.

This is not a cutesy, cuddly book though. The characters are surreal and can be a bit scary and unrecognizable to little ones reading with you. Keep in mind that this IS a book about the monsters that come out at night. Nothing is gruesome, but when your sleepy imagination takes flight, you never know what creatures you will meet, which is what drew me to this book in the first place. The rhymes in the book are fun, but Anita Lester’s illustrations aren’t typical of most children’s books. There is so much going on in the pages that parents may forget to keep reading. Just make sure you get to the end. The message is a good one and will remind your children that their imagination is a wonderful thing, even in their dreams, and that monsters may not always be as bad or scary as they think.


Publisher’s Synopsis: Justin Drazin, a graduate of Columbia University, published an inspiring and whimsical book called, “Albert and the Amazing Pillow Monsters”. This charming tale is about a young boy who overcomes his fears of the dark at bedtime and proves to the young reader that bedtime is not scary, but rather an amazingly sweeping adventure where “Imagination is the brightest nightlight”! This book is ideal for children who are going through challenging times and need a little encouragement. The 2013 Mom’s Choice Awards® has recently named “Albert and the Amazing Pillow Monsters” among the best children’s book and the coveted 2013 Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Awards named “Albert” the best children’s bedtime book. It’s a delightful read for all ages.

Title: Albert and the Amazing Pillow Monsters
Author: Justin Drazin
Publisher: Gorham Publishing; 2nd Edition edition (2013)
Publication Date: 2013, $10.34 paperback
Format: Hardcover and Kindle
Language: English
Pages: 4o
ISBN: 978-0615732428
For ages: 3 through 10

Buy it here: Hardcover and Kindle

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Many thanks to Justin Drazin for sending me this book for the purposes of review. As always, my opinions are my own; when they aren’t you will be the first to know. 

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    As a parent to two little monsters of my own, I can appreciate a book that deals with such a sensitive topic. I think the artwork is gorgeous 🙂

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