6 Alternate ways to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday

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Game day is almost here and with it comes the sound of more than 164 million people cheering on the Seattle Seahawks or the Denver Broncos in the 2014 Super Bowl. The world stops to watch, or so it seems.

Not everyone is a football fan. Shocking, I know. What is the rest of the population supposed to do while loved ones are glued to the couch? Go to a movie? Sure, but which one?

Luckily there are a several fantastic options to keep your gang entertained, and even watching the game, without dying of boredom.

Photo courtesy of Triple Door

Photo courtesy of Triple Door

Head to the closest family-friendly party

Going to a Super Bowl party may seem counter intuitive. You loathe football. Why would you want to watch it? If you pick the right party you could make it a food fest instead.

In Seattle we have one heck of a family-friendly party being thrown at the Triple Door downtown. Parents and kids who can’t wait for kick off can sit back in the half-moon booths and watch the game on the 16-foot screen with state-of-the-art sound and lighting in the Mainstage Theatre. Only 270 seats are available, so make your reservation quick by calling (206) 838-4333 or by emailing 3dmd@thetripledoor.net.

For those members of the family who aren’t excited about football, you can dive into the full menu available from Wild Ginger. Personally I would start with the Wild Ginger Fragrant Duck or the Seven Flavor Beef. If you have to watch the game you might as well experience some delicious Thai food while you do it.

If you don’t live in Seattle, check out your local theaters and restaurants for game day deals. Businesses will be looking for ways to cash in on the game, which means special activities for families to enjoy together.

Let your imaginations take flight

Many businesses shut down on Super Bowl Sunday as if it is a national holiday. For parents who aren’t interested in football, or who don’t want their children witnessing any wardrobe malfunctions during the halftime show, museums can be the perfect alternative. In Seattle, the Museum of Flight, Seattle Children’s Museum and KidsQuest Children’s Museum will be open for business. Check your local museums to see which ones will be open on game day and start planning your day of fun.

iFly Seattle

Dek catches some air at iFly Seattle

Do a little skydiving

Last year Dek and I got the chance to sky dive. Yes, a 3-year-old boy went skydiving. Now before you call child services let me explain. Across the country there are indoor skydiving facilities that are safe for children as young as 3 years old to try out. Dek wasn’t a big fan at the time, but he still talks about his time at iFly Seattle. He proudly tells anyone who will listen that he went flying.

Instead of watching the Seahawks hopefully crush the Broncos (not that we are choosing sides or anything), why not give your child an experience they truly will never forget. Super Bowls happen every year; your child only has their first flight once.

Create your own “super” bowling tournament

Football isn’t the only game a family can enjoy together. Head to your nearest bowling alley to make your own “super” bowling memories. Invite a few other families to join you to make it extra exciting. You can still have nachos, hot dogs and soda; you just get to wear snazzy shoes and play instead of sitting on the couch. For anyone in the family who is devastated about missing the game, have no fear. I have a feeling every TV screen in the bowling alley will be tuned in to watch.


Photo credit: Stefan Munder/flickr

Hit the slopes with Liftopia

Who wants to do some skiing for a fraction of the usual price? You can’t see me, but I am raising my hand. While everyone else is tailgating and throwing parties at home, you can head to your nearest mountain to enjoy the slopes with a lot fewer crowds.

“Super Bowl Sunday is one of the best days of the year to get out on the hill. You’ll find wide-open trails, no lift lines, and great bars and restaurants to view the game when it starts at 6:30 p.m. EST.  You might as well burn some calories on the hill before you dive into those wings,” said Evan Reece, co-founder and CEO of Liftopia.

Well, what are you waiting for? Head up to the mountain with the family, and send any football lovers over to the nearest restaurant or bar showing the game while you get another quiet run down the mountain.

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  • wanderingeducators

    what great suggestions! all of our family loves sports, so it’s interesting to see what others do. 😉

  • Terumi

    I totally might check out the Triple Door for Super Bowl! That sounds awesome! And we saved a ton with liftopia a few weeks ago at Mt seymour in Canada. Good tips!

  • tripsbylance

    My son has become obsessed with sports. He’s 7. I think he’ll want to watch more of the game than I will.

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