ART Restaurant Serves Up a Quiet Brunch with My Boys

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Stepping through the doors of the Four Seasons Hotel on Seattle’s First Avenue you know that something special is about to happen. The minimalist interior screams adults only, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Not only does the hotel welcome children, but they beg you to bring them along by offering up fabulous amenities like kid-sized robes, cribs, high chairs, baby toiletries, and even a little treat to welcome your kids to their temporary home. ART Restaurant in the Four Season’s does the hotel proud by joining their mission to make life easier for parents, and just a tad more fun for kids, even if it’s something as simple, and sometimes boring, as enjoying a meal with your family.

The second Dek, Ty, and I sat down at our table there was food waiting for my kids. A few small chocolates, dried apples and apricots on a brilliantly colored striped tray was all Dek needed to settle into his chair and start his morning. When he discovered the LEGO inspired silverware just for him to use, well you can just imagine his eagerness to dig right on in.



Having the kids get an appetizer right away gave me the time to get myself situated, grab Ty some Cheerios (I would have to eat his little appetizer plate. Oh darn!), and look at the menu without having to corral Dek and keep him entertained. My coffee order was taken (cappuccino, please), and then our waiter gave Dek his options, which we happily listened to, and ordered silver dollar pancakes. Ty was also in for a treat- his very first scrambled egg. My coffee arrived, and then my juice order was taken. Yes, my freshly blended, I get to pick what’s in it, juice order was jotted down on a menu card and handed back to my waiter. I’ll admit I was intimidated by the idea of making my own juice concoction, but that pear, apple and spinach juice was the perfect encouragement to get my brain moving. As I sipped away, I was able to peruse the adult menu in peace and quiet. My kids were beyond entertained with what they had in front of them.

Dek and Ty’s breakfasts came out first, with my omelet following shortly behind. Ty, being a baby, made a huge mess of course. Not one of the staff members batted an eye. He was happy, and most of the egg was getting into his mouth… I think. Dek cut up his pancakes with his very own knife, gobbled up some of my bacon (it was extra crispy, thick-slice, and everything good bacon should be), and I continued to marvel at the fact that we were having such an enjoyable time at a dining table together.


Besides the fabulous service, what really surprised me were the prices. Normally at a fancy hotel like the Four Seasons I would expect to pay at least double what the other local restaurants are charging for brunch. This was not the case. A few items would be what I would consider a splurge (my fresh mixed juice for example), but my omelet and the kids breakfasts were on par with prices at many other area brunch hotspots, and with my meal I got a killer view of Puget Sound, the new ferris wheel on the water, and on a clear day, the Olympic mountains.

Only one thing could make this meal better than it already was, and I got three of them. We were dining on a weekday morning; the restaurant only had a few customers. As the last 3 tables cleared out each and every one of them came up to say hi to my kids and congratulate me on how well behaved they were. Now I like to think I’m a good mom and I’m training my kids up well, but the service and attention we received at ART really did make all the difference. Not once did my iPhone come out to entertain Dek during our meal. Even Ty held it together. If only ever meal at home was this well coordinated and peaceful. Something to strive for in the future I suppose, but for now I’ll just have to savor my moments at ART and plan a quiet trip back, maybe with the daddy in tow.

Many thanks to the Four Seasons for hosting my family at ART Restaurant for the purposes of review. As always my opinions are my own; when they aren’t you will be the first to know.



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ART Restaurant Serves Up a Quiet Brunch with My Boys written by Keryn Means


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  • wandering educators

    what a fantastic place!! it looks SO delicious – and i love how they welcome families!

  • Colleen Lanin

    You’re killing me! I have never stayed at a Four Seasons. I REALLY must!

  • Allison

    Good service, good food, and family-friendly? I LOVE places like this!

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