Spring into Summer Travel Style with Aventura Clothing

We always seem to be in that weird in between weather here in Washington, D.C. It’s 91 degrees one day and then 50 degrees the next. My kids literally walk into my room each morning and ask if they should wear shorts or long sleeves. I have to check my weather app every day to answer them.

Redford Jacket Aventura Spring Collection

As spring begins to meld with summer, a few basic layers seem to still be in order. I’ve teamed up with Aventura Clothing this year to show off ways to pair durable and sustainable, yet fashionable basics with your everyday spring travel style needs, and let’s face it ladies, those school drop offs too. After all, I don’t just buy a travel wardrobe; I buy a life wardrobe.

Aventura Clothing Spring Collection


My ultimate airplane outfit always includes leggings. No, this is not so I can show off my booty. I wear long tunics and dresses over them. It’s just to keep me warm. The Bienne leggings are long, soft and keep me warm enough on long flights, but still breath when I hit warmer climates at my destination. I only wish they made a shorter, capri length pair so I could wear them in the middle of summer too!

Midori Scarf


I can’t go anywhere without a good scarf no matter the season. If I’m on a plane, even in the middle of summer, chances are I will get cold (try flying through Miami and not getting frostbite. I dare you!) The Midori scarf in blue, yellow and white matches almost everything I own. That pop of yellow brings a bit of summer into my wardrobe, but the jean blue color lets me stay East Coast neutral for work when needed.


Every gal needs a versatile dress in her arsenal and this Campbell dress does the trick. I’ve worn it to pick my kids up from school (you know, when my jammies just won’t do), as a swimsuit cover up, with skinny jeans and a cute jacket (see below) and with a hat and cute sandals for date night.

It packs up quick and small, leaving room for everything else I want to pack. Best of all, that little detailing at the top means I don’t have to worry about jewelry. Oh, and the cut around the arms—yeah, it hides that annoying arm fat I just can’t shake!

Aventura Redford Jacket


I am obsessed with jackets. Next to scarves they have been my favorite accessory this year. A little black jacket can go a long way. The Redford jacket cuts just above the waist, so I can show off my shirt underneath and add a splash of color with a scarf. Oh and it makes me look skinny. So that’s an added bonus too! It keeps me warm on a cool spring day, but is the perfect layer to come off when it gets too warm.

Hoodie Aventura Spring Collection

Hartwell Hoodie

Spring days and summer nights require a good sweatshirt. Long gone are the days when a simple zip up hoodie will do. We girls need some sort of embellishment. The Aventura Hartwell hoodie has just the right amount of detailing.

It’s not bedazzled so I feel like my teenage babysitter, but it’s also not so bland that it looks like I picked it up for $5 in a big box store. The natural blue works perfectly on the beach or on the go at home while I run errands. It does pack big like most sweatshirts, but is easy to carry onto the plane or squish into a bag.

Arden Capri Aventura Spring Collection


I loathe jeans in the summer. They are just too sticky and hot. And yet, when I want to ride a horse (hey, it happens!) or hike a mountain, I need longer pants. After much searching, I finally found a pair from Aventura Clothing that works.

First of all, the Arden Capri runs large. Never have I felt so good in a pair of pants as I wear a much smaller size than normal in these (yippee!). I love that I can roll up the legs so they hit just below the knee, which is much more flattering on me too. It’s perfect for when the weather shifts as well. If I have to ride a horse, the longer length can protect most of my legs from coarse horsehair. When I’m hiking and it gets hot, I just roll up the pants and bottom them in place.

I am an Aventura Clothing ambassador. As always, my opinions are my own. When they aren’t you will be the first to know. 

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