Change in Eating Habits


My doctor warned me before we left for China the first time that my son’s appetite might go down when we first arrived. She was right. All Dek wanted was milk at first. It did pick up after a few days. Milk was his comfort food.

The same thing happened when we got home. Back to a steady diet of milk with a few berries and bread thrown in. If I hadn’t known, I might have panicked. Since then, we have experience a similar change in eating habits when flying cross country and going to Hawaii too. Thankfully I had a heads up.

However, Dek did pick up Roseola shortly after we got back from China. He got an extremely high fever and only would drink milk. Hardly any water. I knew his diet might change, but this seemed extreme. I called my doctor right away.

Happily it was a common childhood virus that worked itself out within a few days. Our most recent sojourn to Asia ended without any medical drama, just a few days of milk and bread while he readjusted.

Always, always call your doctor if you think your child is not behaving within the normal range though. I am not a doctor and you know your child.