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Let’s face it people. Our kids are going to find our phones and they will eventually drop them from very high up onto something very hard. Even if you don’t have kids, you know this is an eventuality. All on your own you could drop your phone in the toilet (been there) or pull it out of your pocket and send it flying across a parking lot (done that). Plenty of iPhone case manufacturers are claiming to be the best, but which ones really pass the ultimate test- the toddler test? I’ve had three great cases for my phones, but all have their pros and cons.


LifeProof is the ultimate iPhone case to protect against pretty much any eventuality your phone may face. Drop it, bring it underwater, fling it across the room– this case has got you covered. The draw back of this cover is that it can feel clunky and the screen sensitivity isn’t always the best. You also have to unscrew parts to get to your headphone jack. However, after bringing this case into oceans, lakes and numerous pools, my phone hasn’t been damaged once. I just wish it wasn’t such a pain to take apart the case since I now use this case for my old iPhone 4, which is unlocked, meaning I can switch out the SIM card and I can use it when I travel abroad. 


My boys put my Otterbox case for my iPhone 5 through its paces. My youngest, who is two, likes to steal my phone and then chuck it across the room whenever I catch him with it and tell him to give it back. This case has hit brick walls, laminate, cement and gravel. Thankfully I had a screen protector on the phone too or the screen would be toast. That is one problem with the case though. There is no built in screen protector. Eventually my screen did get a tiny chip in it. The very bottom of the case finally cracked as well after multiple beatings over two years. Overall I like the Otterbox brand. I have two OtterBox cases for our Kindle Fires, which definitely get a beating from both boys when we travel.

tech21Tech21 Impact Mesh

Tech21 is a new case for me and one I have been putting through its paces over the past month or two. I love the sleek, slim design. The OtterBox and LifeProof make my phone size bigger, but the Tech21 case adds the minimal amount of padding in order to protect your phone. I recently dropped my phone on our driveway and my youngest has thrown it across our floors (yes, he has a bit of a temper) and my oldest accidentally dropped it on a brick walkway. The case was perfectly intact after each incident and doesn’t show any signs of damage. This case does not include a screen protector. You have to buy that separately, which I do plan to do because I love how slim the case is and the smoke and orange color.

Thank you to Tech21 for sending me one of their cases for review. I bought an Otterbox and LifeProof case with my own money. As always opinions are my own. When they aren’t you will be the first to know. PHOTO CREDITS: all photos are property of Otterbox, Tech21 and Lifeproofs. 

Do you have a favorite iPhone case that can stand up to life’s challenges?


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