When is the best time to go to Hawaii?



Airfares are dropping. Low season rates are in effect for vacation rentals. Hotels have rooms to fill and are offering discounts. The weather is gorgeous. Now is the time to head to the islands of Hawaii.


With so many gorgeous islands to choose from, where would you even begin to pick one? Well, first you have to get down there. Start looking for sales to pop up on Alaska Air, Hawaiian Air and even Delta Air. These carriers are trying to tempt you down when the crowds are at their lowest point all year. They need to fill those seats and tickets for under $400 from the west coast are sure to get you in the air. Oahu is generally top on the list when airfare promotions go out, but dig a little more and test out some dates. You may be able to get a similar rate for one of the other islands, even if you have to connect in Honolulu.


Explore the north shore of Kauai


Next you will need lodging. Every island is different. I’ve found that the Big Island is the cheapest (based on visits to Kauai, Maui and the Big Island) in terms of vacation rentals. Kauai can also be affordable, but you will have to do some digging. Not all accommodations are created equal, as you know. Look around at some of the major hotel brands to see if they have any mid-autumn specials or early winter discounts. You will not find cheap prices near Thanksgiving or Christmas, but if you can travel in early November and December you may just find a bargain.

Road to Hana

Enjoying a quiet hike along the Road to Hana on Maui


Possibly the best thing about Hawaii in November, besides the lower prices, is that the crowds have left for the summer and will not return until the holidays. Oh sure, you will always have people at the major spots, but especially on the Big Island and Kauai you could find yourself alone on a beach or with just a handful of people. You and the kids can spread out without rubbing elbows with anyone else. The wait for a table at a popular restaurant may not be as long (depends on location, so check ahead!) and the drive along the road to Hana on Maui may actually be taken above snail pace.

Now is the best time to go to Hawaii. Last minute deals pop up all the time. What are you waiting for?

For more information on Hawaii check out our Kauai and Big Island destination reports. 

sunset Kauai

Sunset over Kauai

Have you traveled to Hawaii during the low season? Where? What did you think?

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  • Kim {Stuffed Suitcase}

    We went to Maui in May 2005. It felt very off season crowd wise, however the weather was fabulous and it was a wonderful trip! I’d go in May again, but perhaps I should change it up a bit and shoot for November! 🙂

  • Michelle

    Hawaii Island and Maui have both been adding direct flights in recent months. The demand for them is growing.

  • Cassie

    Oh hell, I keep forgetting to research places to stay in molokai, we’re going there and Maui at Thanksgiving next month. We have a place to stay in Maui but I need to research this other segment. There were lots of options a few months ago but now I’m worried I’m too late!

  • tripsbylance

    I’ve never been to Hawaii, and honestly have been intimidated by the potential cost of traveling there. I’d almost rather spend the money I perceive it to cost on traveling to Europe instead. But this is good advice for planning our fall travel next year.

  • Rhonda Albom

    Another reason for me to head to Hawaii in November – it’s my birthday month. LOL – anytime in Hawaii would be awesome, but cheaper accommodations and less crowds would be big bonus.

  • Nicole

    We went during June. I think that’s definitely the high season. But, we stayed in Kona in a house. And it was nice and affordable.

  • Bailey

    I live in Hawaii so I suggest for eateries seek out what the locals are eating you’ll find good food at affordable prices and most our eateries give a lot of food so you could share between a couple-a few people oh yeah and check out Zippy’s Restaurants (Korean Fried Chicken, Saimin (Ramen), Chili, Mac Salad are my top picks) they have them on several of the islands (google for website) they have great food at great prices.

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