Quick Guide to the Best of Washington DC Beaches

Summertime is when Washington, D.C. turns up the heat. Or as the locals know it, D.C. turns into a swamp that even Kermit the Frog would find sticky and hot. Tourists crave an escape and there are no better places to get away to than one of the nearby Washington, D.C. beaches, which are surprisingly easy to get to – fly into Washington, D.C. airport and rent a car from Alamo.

While not many people would ever want to jump into the Potomac River, there are plenty of opportunities to get on the water. You can kayak and stand up paddleboard on the river. If you want a calm beach, you can hit one of the towns around the Chesapeake Bay to cool off with the kids on a hot summer day.

However, many tourists and families will want to head to the coast to splash in the ocean.

The closest Atlantic Ocean beach is about two hours away from Washington, D.C. by car. If you are visiting during the summer, you will want to make sure you add in a few extra days to hit the coast. Rent a car at Washington, D.C. airport from Alamo, and head on over for some true relaxation after sweating it out in the city. You could hit the beach for a long day trip, but you might want to book a hotel to beat the traffic and actually get some rest.

No matter what you are looking for—a boardwalk, a quiet place to build sand castles, or even wild horses—the best Washington D.C. beaches are an easy drive away. I’ve teamed up with Alamo Rent A Car to share some of our favorite beach destinations near the nation’s capital. Hop over to the Alamo Rent A Car’s Scenic Route blog for all of the details. Each beach brings its own reason to visit. You get to decide which one fits your needs. The beach awaits!

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