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Every child is unique. Sure, they may have the same hair color or skin color as their friends or the kids in their classroom, but that doesn’t mean they have to be a cookie cutter cutout of each other, especially when it comes to creativity.

Remember art class in elementary school? I know I sure do. We’d received a “ditto” with a picture outlined in bold black and were told to color it in. We each had a box of eight crayons that limited our color palette, and heaven forbid we needed to use the color pink. “Light strokes with the red crayon,” my teacher would say.

Today’s art classes are far less structured and use way more art supplies than my elementary art class. They encourage individuality and creativity and with a wide variety of medium, they give children options.

So what if you could give the same freedom and flexibility to your young children at home by subscribing to a box full of non-toxic art supplies and natural materials each month? Blossom Box Kids has done just that. Each month revolves around a specific theme like color exploration or storytelling and comes with three arts and crafts activities, a healthy recipe, a newsletter, and one bonus item.

Blossom Box Kids

A monthly subscription box filled with crafts, recipes, and bonus items? I’m down!

What Makes Blossom Box Kids so Cool?

Blossom Box Kids is all about being environmentally friendly, and it’s shown through their supplies and crafts. With non-toxic art supplies and repurposed household items they’ve come up with a fun way to teach young kids about the environment and the world around them in the best way possible: education through play and creativity. Each box is created for kids ages 3 and up but has open-ended flexibility for older children that can do some crafting on their own.

Blossom Box Kids Monthly Subscription

Can you imagine the excitement when a Blossom Box comes in the mail?

The coolest part? There are no detailed instructions or photos showing the end result of each craft. Yes, guidelines are given for each craft but the imagination and flexibility is left in by taking “what it should look like” out of the equation. Let’s talk about my childhood again for a second. I vividly remember painting and coloring and using the photo on the outside of the container it came in as a template, trying to get every color exact. Imagine what I could have done if there was no photo or box top to copy? Exactly.

Blossom Box Kids Craft

Open-ended directions are provided for each craft to allow kids of all ages to create.

A monthly subscription service (no worries, it can be canceled anytime) is also a blessing for busy families that may not want to search online for crafts or head to the store for supplies. The crafts do use repurposed items from home, and take into consideration common household items that you shouldn’t have to run and purchase.

Blossom Box Kids Felt Crown

Crafts that are easy and fun using non-toxic supplies make Blossom Box Kids a no-brainer.

Crafting with Blossom Box Kids

What I love most about Blossom Box Kids is the freedom to use the provided non-toxic materials and craft however you want. My teen daughter was so excited to dive into a Blossom Box and, once she discovered there really weren’t any rules, beamed from ear to ear.

The first craft she tried was “Wooden People in Clothing” that went with box #2- Storytelling. She had felt, string, wooden people, and a bonus wooden tree to make her craft and she couldn’t have been happier. Sometimes I really think simpler is better. She added clothing to the wooden dolls, drew on faces and hair, and loved every second of it. Younger kids, of course, don’t have to add faces or hair, but it would be easy for Mom & Dad to scribble some on. My daughter is all about video gaming so she created Link and Princess Zelda from “Legends of Zelda” and even made a wooden little person in her own likeness.

Blossom Box Kids Wooden People

Blossom Box Kids Crafting

Fell like adding to subtracting from the crafts? No problem! All you have to use is imagination.

Blossom Box Kids Weaving with Yarn

Weaving is easy to learn at any age.

Next in line? “Weaving With Yarn & Sticks” from box #1- Color Exploration.  It’s so incredible to watch a teen having a blast with rainbow yarn and two sticks! The instructions were detailed enough for her to get the concept quickly, so it would be a snap for parents with smaller children as well. Is this subscription box worth it? I think so, and my teen’s smile makes me think she agrees.

I had an amazing time crafting with my daughter using the Blossom Box Kids craft boxes that were provided complimentary to me and my daughter. I was not asked to state a particular point of view and, as always, my opinions are my own.

Blossom Box

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