How to get a Brazil Visa for US Citizens and Minor Children

So, you booked a trip to Brazil for your family. Hooray! Maybe you are just bringing one of your children to Brazil on an Amazon Rainforest River Cruise with Our Whole Village/Katerre Expeditions. Even better. Now you need to get a Brazil Visa for you and your child who is a U.S. Citizen.

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Seems easy enough.

And for you it is.

Getting a Brazil Visa for a minor child takes a bit more paperwork. Stay patient. Don’t lose your cool. And know that you will get approved eventually. Just continue to email what they request. Keep a scanner handy and it will go even faster as you sign more forms and email them back directly.

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What You Will Need To Start a Brazil Visa for a Minor

  • Child’s Valid Passport
  • BOTH parents’ Valid Passports
  • NEW Passport Photo
  • Parental Consent Form
  • Birth Certificate (may be requested. Mandatory for Canadians)
  • $40 fee
  • Patience

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Brazil Visa Parental Consent Form

Probably the most frustrating aspect of getting a Brazilian Visa for your child is the parental consent form. Be prepared to submit this several times. Both parents must sign the same form. If you and your child’s father/mother are divorced, you cannot submit separate forms without a fight. Even if you are still with your child’s father/mother, you will need to make sure your signatures are clear (use a thin Sharpie) and that they match your current passport signatures. The signature is where they will most likely get you and return the form.

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Applying for a Brazil Visa Online

Once you have all of your documents collected, you need to scan them. If you have the files ready, it will speed up the process. Resizing your scans will also make the application process less frustrating.

NEW passport photo: 413 pixels x 531 pixels (height x width)

  • Valid Passport Photo page: 531 pixels wide
  • Birth Certificate: 700 pixels wide
  • Justification Letter/ Consent Letter for Minors Applying for a Brazilian Visa: under 2mb

Brazil Visa


Payment can be made using a credit card. It is non-refundable, even if your application is declined.


  • Visa fee: USD $40
  • Service fee: USD $4.24

Brazil Visa

Waiting times for your Brazil Visa for a Minor

Most Visas get approved in 4-5 days. This does NOT mean you should wait until the last minute to do your paperwork. While my adult Brazil Visa took five days, my son’s took almost two weeks of back and forth because of the consent form. My son’s Visa was approved with just a week to spare before we left on our trip.

If you receive an email from the Brazilian Visa application office, do not ignore it. Read it completely to see what they need or what they are disputing. Respond with any clarifying questions you may have, and resubmit anything they request as soon as possible.

Any delays may cause your application to be made void and you will have to start again. You will also have to pay that application fee again.

Prepare all the necessary documents in advance, leave yourself enough time for potential delays and you should be ready to visit Brazil in no time!

Ready to apply for your Brazilian Visa? Here you go.

How to get a Brazil Visa for US Citizens and Minor Children when you want to travel to South America. Don't get frustrated when you are applying for a Brazilian Visa. Just have patience as you fill out paperwork and deal with rejection and have to submit more paperwork. We are breaking down the system and how you can get it all done quickly and still have a fabulous trip to Brazil with kids (or not).

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