Breakfast with a Side of Dessert at the Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company

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The perfect mix of dessert and breakfast comes together in one simple package. Behold the Pancakes n’ Bacon cupcake

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. It runs very close to my other favorite meal, dessert… it’s a meal. Trust me.

Cereal is a regular part of my diet; some would even argue it’s one of the main staples. French toast is my passion when we hit the road looking for food. Pancakes are served up at least once a week for dinner. If you can add bacon to it, my family is eating it.

I try to limit the amount of desserts in my house just because they are so hard to resist. When the opportunity to go out for something sweet pops up, well, you can pretty much count on me being there. 

Pull up a chair at Yellow Leaf Cupcake and let your taste buds do the adventuring for a change

Morning Taste Test

When my friend Nic proposed we meet up for cupcakes earlier last week I jumped at the chance. Her daughter Lee’s birthday was coming up and they had to pick out cupcakes for her party; Lee’s very first cupcake and foray into the wonderful world of sugary treats.

Sure it was 9:30am when Nic called me, but I’d already had breakfast. We could have a snack, or pretend we were hobbits and have second breakfast.

Nic was dying to try out this new place, Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company, in Belltown, a neighborhood near downtown Seattle. The flavor list was a mile long including several “adult” inspired flavors. Beer + Pretzel, Drunken Red Velvet or Tequila Lime cupcake anyone?

Really she had me at “cupcakes,” who needs to know more than that?

Three munchkins “patiently” wait for the moms to narrow down the flavors

Breakfast Meet Dessert

One cupcake stood out above all the rest. One that had us so intrigued we just had to sit down and savor the moment.

The Pancakes n’ Bacon cupcake.

Nic waxed on and on about the Italian butter cream frosting that we later found out was made using egg whites, creating a light and fluffy topping for our already long anticipated treats. Pancakes, bacon and eggs all in one cupcake? This sure sounded like a well-rounded breakfast to me.

The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co.

So many flavors. Which would you choose?

Welcome to Flavor Heaven

A stack of Pancakes n’ Bacon cupcakes were waiting for us when we arrived. Framing this overindulgence were platters of more typical dessert flavors like of Banana Foster Cheesecake, Lemon Lavender, Boston Crème Pie and Chocolate Orange.

After much back and forth we finally settled on a Lemon Lavender, Boston Crème Pie, and of course, the Pancakes n’ Bacon cupcake. We would split all three, find our favorite and instantly go into a sugar coma. That was the plan and we were sticking to it.

With coffee and tea to wash it all down our dessert flavored breakfast was shaping up quite nicely.

The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co

Boston Creme Pie, Pancakes n’ Bacon and Lemon Lavender were the flavors of the day

No Fork Necessary

How weird (or wonderful) was that Pancakes n’ Bacon cupcake you may be asking yourself. Let’s just say we were pleasantly surprised.

The flavor combination was so natural I wondered why more people hadn’t thought of it. The cake batter had bits of bacon in it, making sure each bite had a little bacon flavor mixed in whether you got a chunk of the maple bacon brittle that topped the cupcake or not. That hint of maple syrup in the frosting completed the illusion that breakfast really was on my plate.

Lemon Lavender cupcake

Lemon Lavender was the flavor of the day for the birthday girl

The Lemon Lavender and Boston Crème Pie cupcakes were equally as delicious. Subtle bits of lavender popped in my mouth with every bite. The Boston Crème Pie was so moist you just had to inhale it or risk some falling off your plate. Horrors!

The cupcakes were light and fluffy. The Italian butter cream frosting was so divine with an unexpectedly mild sweet factor that we easily scarfed down all three. Only a mild sugar coma ensued. Maybe we should have gotten more?

Just a tiny bite and Lee was sold

Breakfast had been served and devoured. My two favorite meals had found a home together at last. Oh and Lee got her perfect birthday cupcake, the Lemon Lavender, to celebrate turning the ripe old age of 3. I’d say this was one successful morning. Now I just had to figure out what to serve for lunch.

Food Finder

  • The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company, 2209 4th Avenue, Seattle, Washington 98121
  • Call ahead for the daily list of flavors

Never, ever leave a morsel behind


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    You had me at pancakes and bacon and cupcakes. Mmmmm.

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    Sounds wonderful; however, note to self about not reading articles about food when you are already starving.

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    yummity yum yum yum! anything cupcake and you’ve got me. what a lovely day!

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    Holy cow- it’s like heaven!

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