Friday Postcards from Bryce Canyon National Park


Bryce Canyon National Park was one of those destinations I couldn’t decide if it would be a must on a return trip or something I would skip. There was no doubt of its beauty or unique terrain, but it just didn’t blow me away like Yosemite and Zion had during our cross-country road trip.


Maybe we had been to too many parks in too few days? Perhaps it was because we only gave it a few hours and we weren’t able to enjoy any hiking in the area. We were driving from Zion to the Grand Canyon and had added Bryce into the mix since it was so close.


Looking back at pictures I can’t believe the views I was standing in front of and taking for granted. Sure they were spectacular, but even my kids didn’t want to get out of the car after a while. We were starting to burn out on national parks and we still had two more to go. Would we be able to rally? I sure hoped so.


Bryce Canyon National Park


Have you ever been to an incredible place but not been wowed by it for one reason or another? Tell us about it in the comments below. 

Sunset hoodoos via

Keryn Means
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  • Mary {The World Is A Book}

    Sorry to hear Bryce didn’t wow you as expected. I think it helps to see the hoodoos up close on a hike. But, there really isn’t as much for kids to do compared to the other parks. I wasn’t wowed by Stonehenge and neither were the kids. 🙂

  • Jensine

    Bummer! Your pictures really do it justice though. I can’t wait to make it to Bryce someday!

  • Tara

    We had the exact opposite experience. We were unprepared when driving through Yosemite and very uninspired by all the crowds. We couldn’t find a campsite or a parking space, so we drove through and took a few photos. Bryce Canyon was so quiet and the hiking trails were empty. It helps that we arrived following a rain storm, so many people had cleared out.

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