Winter by Marissa Meyer, a Book review

Anticipation is a mild word for how I felt about the release of Winter, Marissa Meyer’s last book in her Lunar Chronicle’s series. I’m a proud fan of YA fiction, especially [...]


The Game is Playing Your Kid by Dr. Joe Dilley, a book review

It seems like every generation of parents encounters new challenges that weren’t faced by their parents or grandparents, which often leaves us wondering whom to turn to for advice. Raising kids [...]


The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, a book review

Ever heard of Muscatine, Iowa? Me either. Ever heard of London, England and the royal family? Yup. Me too. I’ll admit that when it comes to royalty I’m as smitten with the idea as the next girl. [...]


5 Young adult fantasy fiction series to inspire your kids to travel

Imagine yourself standing on top of the Paris Opera House steps. You look left. You look right. You see the streets that make up the City of Light all around you. It would be any ordinary day, [...]


Tap Tap Boom Boom by Elizabeth Bluemle, a book review

Rainy days are the best. Or are they? Too often we blame the rain for ruining our picnics, soccer games and beach trips, when in fact, the rain can cause unforeseen adventures to occur. I picked [...]


Unprocessed by Megan Kimble, a book review

I was about 8 when I started noticing chemicals in my foods: preservatives, sweeteners such as aspartame – and consciously removed them from my diet. I explained to a friend once that I [...]


The Man Made of Stars by M.H.Clark, a book review

Have you and your kids ever wondered where stars come from? Logically we as adults know that stars are big exploding balls of gas (mostly hydrogen and helium) up in the sky, but wouldn’t it [...]


On the Go Fun for Kids by Amanda Morin, a book review

I’m bored. There’s nothing to do. Are we there yet?  Every parent loves to hear these words when they are on a plane, train, car trip or just hanging out on a rainy day at home or in [...]


My Mother Was Nuts By Penny Marshall, a book review

I don’t find myself reading autobiographies very often. I’m not sure why. Perhaps I like to escape to the land of fantasy, so I can avoid the everyday stress of life. I happened to [...]


Ellie’s First Plane Ride by Marci and Elle Fair, a book review

Airplane travel with kids- it’s inevitable for many families and not always fun for the parents (or the kids for that matter). New fliers might be nervous, not know what is going to happen, [...]