In the Land of Cocktails: Recipes and Adventures from the Cocktail Chicks, a book review

Have you ever thought about where the cocktail comes from? I mean really thought about it. Not the fact that your favorite bartender slaps together some fresh juice, triple sec and rum, but the [...]


Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Long Haul, a book review

Road trips are awesome. They are filled with great family memories and photo opps. Well, unless you are the Heffley Family in Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Long Haul. The ninth book in the Diary of a [...]


The Fairest by Marissa Meyer, a book review

Mirror Mirror on the wall. We’ve all heard those five little words before, but never from the lips of a character like Queen Levana, the villain in Marissa Meyer’s best selling series [...]


Monsters Don’t Ride on Airplanes by Hilarye Fuller, a Q&A and book review

Monsters don’t ride on airplanes, but kids sure do. This silly tale by travel blogger and long-time family traveler Hilarye Fuller is not only fun but educational too. Monsters Don’t [...]


Loula is leaving for Africa by Anne Villeneuve, a book review

Have you ever just had it with life? You just want to run away and leave all of the hassle of home behind? Yes? Well, so does Loula. You see, Loula is a little girl with TRIPLET brothers. They [...]


Best teen books for your summer travel reading list

Sitting on the beach I glance up from my book. The boys are playing in the sand in front of me; my husband is helping them build a sandcastle. I sit in my chair mesmerized by the fact that I can [...]


Discover the world with a Little Passports subscription (World Edition)

When I was a little girl, a fact my boys find hard to believe, I used to fill out the Publishers Clearing House forms religiously. I wanted to win that million dollars for my family, but more [...]


Exploring with Maggi and Milo plus other books for pet lovers

That night Maggi told Milo, “We need to get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow we hunt frogs.”  As I finished page three of Maggi and Milo by Juli Brenning, my 4-year-old son turned [...]


Cookbooks and food memoirs that will take your taste buds away

Mouthwatering edibles fill the pages, and yet I can never seem to cook every recipe in the book. This is the plight of a food book lover, who has no energy to be a chef. I admit that I buy [...]


S is for Salmon and other nature inspired tales

After living in Seattle for almost eight years, I’m beginning to think that the mighty salmon is the city’s official fish. Hang on let me look it up… Nope. Not the official city fish, or even [...]