Epic Travel Destinations You Don’t Want to Miss This Year


Books on Japanese Culture You Should Read Before You Go

Whether you’re planning a trip to Japan or simply wish to learn more about the country, there are tons of resources and guides available. Reading books on Japanese culture and history are [...]


Ten Ways Your Family Can Discover Singapore

<<< Guest post by Astrid Vinje >>> The city of Singapore has always held a special place in my heart. As a kid living in Southeast Asia, Singapore was like a shining city on the [...]


Vietnam: 100 Unusual Travel Tips and a Guide to Living and Working There, a Q&A with author Barbara Adam

Do you love guidebooks? Sure you do. Whenever you go to a bookstore (yes, bookstores still exist) you can’t help wandering over to sniff the spines of books that take you to places like [...]


Hong Kong Star Ferry

I have a lot of photos. That is putting it mildly. I’ve taken tens of thousands of photos since my dad first handed me a camera when I was 8 years old. For the rest of the summer, and maybe [...]

Kid Memories at the Temple of Heaven, Beijing

There are little things in my life that I look back on that make me think, “wow!” Sometimes that “wow” ends with “what were we thinking,” while other times it goes something like “how cool was [...]


Getting From Shenzhen to Beijing on 3 Words of Chinese

Back in 2010 we took what for us was a pretty monumental trip. We headed to China with Dek when he was 14 months old. Insanity, I know. It gets better. I did it again 6 months later by myself [...]


Summer Palace in Beijing Inspired ‘Cinder’ Author Marissa Meyer

With the New Year fast approaching you may think there is nothing left to look forward to. Normally I would agree with you. Unless we are off on another adventure, the winter months tend to be [...]


The Gates of Fushimi in Southern Kyoto with Kids in Japan

Orange, orange everywhere, I hummed to myself. The color was a bit overwhelming, but also mesmerizing. I remember wishing I’d had an orange M&M to compare the color too. Or an orange crayon. [...]


Follow the Orange Arches of Fushimi Japan

Following our exploration of the Golden Pavilion and Ryonan-ji Temple in northwestern Kyoto, we headed south. What greeted us at our destination was a sight no guidebook could ever fully [...]