Vancouver with Kids

As we settle into life as a family of four with baby Ty I’ve invited a few fellow travelers to share some of their stories. Up first was Nancy from Family on Bikes sharing her tale of traveling [...]

72 Rain-Filled Hours in Vancouver

It wasn’t a drizzle. There was no fine mist hanging in the air. This was a torrential downpour. And we were walking in it. Welcome to a winter in Vancouver folks. Now I cannot complain about the [...]


Retreat from the Rain at the Pan Pacific Vancouver

We recently spent a blustery and wet weekend up in Vancouver in February. What better time to escape the USA than on Presidents Day weekend? The weather may not have been perfect but our stay at [...]


Where to Eat in Vancouver with Kids While Visiting British Columbia

Thanks to my friend over at Trip Styler we arrived in Vancouver, Canada with a great list of places to check out as soon as we got to town. We are lucky enough to have a kid who is an adventurous [...]


Taste Bud and Toy Overload for the Whole Family on Granville Island

Bread, rugolach, perogies with just a hint of strawberries and…arctic char? Puzzles, pirate ships, paper dolls and…screaming? There is only one place we could be- Granville Island in [...]


Mama Pampering Let Down at Spa Utopia

I am not a frequent spa visitor, but I have been enough times to know what to expect from a spa experience. When I booked the 75-minute Exclusive Utopia Pedicure at Spa Utopia in Vancouver I [...]

Loads of Fun with a Dash of Fear at the Vancouver Aquarium

Every aquarium visit starts out the same in our family. Dek runs from tank to tank saying hello to all of the smaller fish. He giggles and laughs his way through starfish, anemones, clownfish, [...]


Things to do with Toddlers in Whistler

Snow that is piled up higher than your child is always a bit daunting when trying to find something to entertain your toddler. At least this is what I thought before we arrived in Whistler at the [...]


Whistler Inclusive Playground Serves up Plenty of Fun

  Nothing can stop my kid from enjoying a playground. The sniffles, a down pour or even 110 degrees, Dek will happily go down the slide, fly through the air on a swing and climb any ladder [...]


A Snow-Filled Stay at the Aspens on Blackcomb

Once again we took a chance, booked using a LivingSocial Escape voucher and hit the road. We headed to Whistler, BC to stay in our very own 1-bedroom condo at Aspens on Blackcomb in [...]

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