Celebrate Travel: Pacific Gray Whale Watching Adventure

As a parent you like to think not every day is the same, but honestly, they can be. Some days you wake up and think “OK, just an ordinary day.” Other days you wake up knowing something [...]

Get Back to Nature on Coronado Island with Wild Loreto Tours

It’s not often that I find the perfect beach excursion for babies and toddlers. I hunt for them whenever we travel. While we were in Loreto in March, I tried out 3 tours that I felt were a good [...]


Packing for Loreto with Babies and Toddlers

Baja (Mexico) screams sun, sand, and surf for many people, but there is so much more to this complex country when it comes to packing. Not only do you need to think about clothes for yourself and [...]

Travel Essentials: Office 365 Home Premium Proved Its Worth in Mexico

I am not a list maker, but when it comes to certain items that I have to pack, my laptop is way at the top. It is pretty much on pare with the baby’s pacifier, maybe higher. So you can imagine my [...]

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