Trekking through the WWI trenches of La Main de Massiges in France

Wandering through the chalk-filled trenches of La Main de Massiges, I thought this was the last place I would spend a few weeks in the summer with my children. Who brings their kids to [...]


Trailing Harry Potter in Scotland to discover JK Rowling’s Edinburgh

<<< Guest post by Eileen Gunn of FamiliesGo! >>> We planned a trip to Edinburgh simply because we’d never been there and have long been curious about it. The bonus, given that [...]


Day Trips from Florence: Off the Beaten Path in Italy

Tuscany has been inhabited for millennia, farmed and occupied and traversed, it’s a well worn yet endlessly enchanting landscape. It is named for an ancient, mysterious civilization, traces of [...]


Where to stay in the Champagne Region of France

Traveling through the champagne region of France is an off-the-beaten track adventure for couples and families looking for WWI history, art, regional cuisine, and yes, champagne. Chain hotels, [...]


Top Things to do in Chateau Thierry France with Kids

On the trail through Champagne region you will come across the small city of Chateau Thierry in France. At first glance this city is a drive by destination, but you could easily fill a day [...]


The Tragic and Triumphant History of the Reims Cathedral in France

Once upon a time there stood the Reims Cathedral in a kingdom not too far away. This beautiful lady towered over the city, showing off her beauty and acting as the center point for all who wanted [...]

5 Reasons to Book an Iceland Weekend Trip with Club Carlson

Iceland is a land filled with beauty at all times of the year, but no matter how many photos I see of Iceland in the summer, and how easy it is to navigate the ring road, I will always prefer [...]


Tips for Exploring the Palace of Versailles with Kids in France

Have you ever dreamt about visiting the Palace of Versailles with kids? Do you like to imagine what life was like for the infamous Marie Antoinette before she lost her head? If you do, you won’t [...]


Recover from Jet Lag at the Le Meridien Etoile in Paris with Kids

Flying across the ocean to explore Europe is exciting and exhausting all at the same time. Finding a place to rest as soon as you land is key. When you are traveling to Paris with kids, a stay at [...]


Hop on a Versailles Bike Tour to receive the royal treatment in France

Many thanks to Fat Tire Paris for hosting on the Versailles Bike Tour. As winners of the Fat Tire Paris annual giveaway we received lodging, unlimited tours and airfare without editorial coverage [...]