The Moment Syrian Refugees Became More than a Newscast

For over six years we have heard about the war raging in Syria; even longer we have seen images in the news from Iraq, Iran, Egypt and Afghanistan, as sects, communities, rebels, students, [...]


Budget Stay for the whole family at Athens Studios near the Acropolis

Hostels are not my go-to family accommodation. I like a certain sense of luxury when I’m dragging my kids around the globe. However, Athens Studios may be the exception to that rule. First of [...]


Winter Adventures in the French Pyrenees with Adventure Creators

Finding mountains to ski on in Europe is not difficult. It is home to the illustrious Alps after all. Of course the Alps are where most dream of skiing, but Europe has another fantastic mountain [...]


Day Trip to Drottningholm Palace while visiting Stockholm Sweden

I recently had the opportunity to explore the beautiful, historic, Nordic city of Stockholm, Sweden. During my week-long stay, I was fortunate to have experienced the unique culture, cuisine, and [...]


Perfect Girls Weekend in Paris via the neighborhood of Le Marais

A weekend in Paris. I know, on the one hand it sounds like a total dream but on the other it sounds like a total nightmare, because how can you see Paris just for the weekend!?  Well, even if a [...]


Tracing the steps of WWI American Soldiers in France with kids

It all began with an invitation. The French government was in the middle of the centennial celebrations of World War One (1914-1916). My family and I were invited to trace the American soldiers’ [...]


Why I’m going to Greece to help Refugees through Servant Group International

I am going to Greece in March. This may seem like a simple statement, especially from someone like me. I regularly jet off to far off lands with and without my kids. It’s my job to travel. My [...]