Best Coffee Shops in DC to Try On Your Next Visit to the Nation’s Capital

After moving from Seattle back to the east coast I despaired that I would be stuck with Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee once again. It took some digging (and sipping), but I found some of the [...]


How to eat a cupcake and not miss out on any of the delicious frosting

Recently I learned that Duff (yup, the bakery guy) stole my way of eating a cupcake. He showed off my technique of how to eat a cupcake on the first season of Kids Baking Champions on the Food [...]


Savour the flavors of Amelia Island restaurants in Florida

Florida is a constant surprise. It is not all theme parks and beaches. I never expected that exploring Amelia Island restaurants while in Florida could be so fun and delicious. Seafood is a main [...]


Orange Blossom Calissons brings Les Petits Sweets from France and across the globe

Dessert should be the first course of every meal, don’t you think? Let’s skip the salad and go straight for the sweets. OK, so maybe we can’t do that quite yet without our [...]


Cooking up Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes with Chef Mark Salter at the Robert Morris Inn

Just over the Bay Bridge, about an hour and a half east of Washington, D.C. is the sleepy little town of Oxford, MD. This once booming town was founded in 1683. Oxford thrived before the American [...]

Breakfast To Boost Your Mood: Mornings Part 4

Here we are, part 4 of Walking on Mom Mornings, the final post sharing tips to start your day with less stress, and today we’re talking breakfast. If you’ve been following along with the rest of [...]


Secret of the Hacienda Petac Guacamole Recipe

Food can make you forget everything around you, and it is the surprising ingredients in some of the simplest of dishes that do it more often than not. This is what I found when I dove into the [...]


Grapefruit bursts to life in this Paloma Cocktail Recipe

Hot summer days are here. The Paloma cocktail delivers a refreshing burst of citrus before that punch of tequila hits your palette and goes straight to your toes. While visiting Hacienda Petac [...]


Creating the perfect Brazilian Caipirinha cocktail

Even if you aren’t headed to Brazil in 2016 for the Olympics, you can still enjoy one of the nation’s most well-known cocktails—the Brazilian Caipirinha. This lime-infused drink uses cachaca, a [...]