Grapefruit bursts to life in this Paloma Cocktail Recipe

Hot summer days are here. The Paloma cocktail delivers a refreshing burst of citrus before that punch of tequila hits your palette and goes straight to your toes. While visiting Hacienda Petac [...]


Creating the perfect Brazilian Caipirinha cocktail

Even if you aren’t headed to Brazil in 2016 for the Olympics, you can still enjoy one of the nation’s most well-known cocktails—the Brazilian Caipirinha. This lime-infused drink uses cachaca, a [...]


Easiest Mojito Recipe to make this summer

Mint and lime are two of the best flavors you can put into a cocktail, especially when you are traveling in the tropics. The mojito originates from Cuba (some say it was created in the 1500s), [...]


Ephemeral Spring Whisper Lilac Cocktail Recipe

Ever since I was a child, the nighttime rains of May always meant one thing: dewy, luscious, lilac scented air come the dawn. I grew up in Lombard, Illinois: self-proclaimed Lilac Capitol of the [...]


7 veggie based dinners for the whole family

Desperately seeking easy veggie-based meals the whole family will love? Maybe your shopping plans go a little something like this: Every Saturday morning, my husband and I stare blankly at a slip [...]


Snow Party: Wine and Chocolate Make Snow Days So Much Better

The kids had off. Again. We were going on our fourth snow day and it was looking like number five and six were about to be called. I couldn’t take it anymore. My street had been plowed. Cars [...]


Wild Boar Ragu Bianco recipe, a taste of Tuscany

A dozen years ago, I had cycled through the Tuscan countryside on a sweltering July day, discovering a hard truth: what looks like gentle rolling hills from the window of a train are actually [...]

The Makings of a Fantastic S’more

Nothing screams coastal vacation like open fire cooking on the beach. This past weekend we took to the sand for our culinary treats. Hot dogs are great and all, but what I craved were s’mores. [...]

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