Mornings Part 2: Yoga and Meditation for less stress and anxiety

Yoga and meditation for less stress and anxiety Welcome to this second of this four-part series, Walking on Mom Mornings, a morning routine for stressed moms; in this post I will share with you [...]

Mornings Part 1: A morning routine for stressed moms

Mornings Part 1: A morning routine for stressed moms. Welcome all my stressed moms! I’m really excited to bring you Walking on Mom Mornings, a four-part series to help you start your day [...]

Five ways to help your friends with PPD, depression, anxiety

As if dealing with PPD, depression or anxiety isn’t hard enough, add to that the stigma associated with mental health struggles and now we’re talking isolation and fear. It’s [...]

A mother’s reflections on fear in trying times

I’m trying something a little new with this post today. I used to write a lot of poetry in the throes of the angsty years though I’ve never called myself a poet. But I’ve been [...]

Panic attacks even when you are happy

How can  you have a panic attack even when you’re happy? Here’s what happened to me. Sitting in my new “office,” jamming out real progress on my blog and my book I had actually just [...]

When you’re wondering if it’s Postpartum Depression

If you’re like I was, you feel like things shouldn’t be quite like “this” and you are wondering if it’s Postpartum Depression. After my girls were born (2011 and [...]

When breastfeeding sucks, it might be your biology

Every. Single. Thing. my husband did drove me out of my mind. The way his feet slap-slapped across the floor. The way he looked at me. The noise he made while opening the cupboards. Here I was, [...]


When new medication makes depression and anxiety worse

My postpartum depression and anxiety have been well managed for more than a year with a combination of supplements, therapy, diet, exercise, meditation, journaling (yes, I throw the kitchen sink [...]


Spaghetti and the memories of a mother’s cooking

Every family has at least one favorite recipe. Ours was my mom’s spaghetti. It was my daughter’s 3rd birthday dinner and I decided to make my mom’s spaghetti for the first time [...]


Returning To Work After A Loved One’s Death

I’ve been away from Walking on Mom for a long time. Though we had called it a soft launch, I had every intention of writing through the site’s bugs, which turned out to be few. I was writing [...]

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