Advice For Handling The Jump To Kindergarten

Kindergarten scene via Shutterstock 


On This Anniversary: A Message Of Thanks For Our Partners In Parenting

Today, July 19, is my wedding anniversary and I wanted to use this little space to send a small message of thanks to my partner in particular, and all of our partners in parenting in general.  [...]

FATCA: How American Babies Overseas Are Ensnared In Government Tax Net

In a way, this is a boring story about a seemingly rare problem. It’s about banks, federal law, taxes and people who go to great lengths to avoid paying their taxes. The law is called [...]


3 Imaginative Stories Preschoolers Will Love

We all know it’s important to read to our kids. Many of us have made books a part of bedtime from the time our kids were infants. Reading Is Fundamental, a U.S.-based nonprofit literacy [...]


The Heartache Of Saying Goodbye To The Baby Years

The heartache and joy of saying goodbye to the baby years is upon our house. There is a tender awareness these past few months as our youngest, and last, has transitioned through her third [...]


Imaginary dragons and the very real battles

I hope everyone has a safe and happy July 4th weekend. Things around here are pretty nutballs at the moment. We’re two weeks out from our wedding, coming down from jet lag after flying from [...]


5 Strange Things My Children Do That Fill Me With Pride

Parenting moments of pride are sometimes few and far between the moments of chaos and survival. A good chunk of my day is spent trying to keep my two girls from duking it out over some plastic [...]

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