Handling surprising emotions when our kids start kindergarten

You know that dream where you show up to school and you look down and realize you forgot to get dressed? Not even in pajamas, you are somehow completely and totally naked? Well, I’m fairly [...]


On this anniversary: A message of thanks for our partners in parenting

Today, July 19, is my wedding anniversary and I wanted to use this little bit of space to send a small message of thanks to my partner in particular, and all of our partners in parenting in [...]

American babies overseas ensnared in government tax net

In a way, this is a boring story about a seemingly rare problem. It’s about banks and federal law and taxes and people who go to great lengths to avoid paying their taxes. But if you can [...]


3 Imaginative Stories Preschoolers Will Love

We all know it’s important to read to our kids. Many of us have made books a part of bedtime from the time our kids were infants. Reading Is Fundamental, a U.S.-based nonprofit literacy [...]


The Heartache Of Saying Goodbye To The Baby Years

The heartache and joy of saying goodbye to the baby years is upon our house. There is a tender awareness these past few months as our youngest, and last, has transitioned through her third [...]


Imaginary dragons and the very real battles

I hope everyone has a safe and happy July 4th weekend. Things around here are pretty nutballs at the moment. We’re two weeks out from our wedding, coming down from jet lag after flying from [...]


5 Strange Things My Children Do That Fill Me With Pride

Parenting moments of pride are sometimes few and far between the moments of chaos and survival. A good chunk of my day is spent trying to keep my two girls from duking it out over some plastic [...]

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