The Maine event: road tripping Bar Harbor Maine and beyond

What do I know about Maine? Lobsters. Fall colors. Coastline – lots of it. And no vineyards. This last bit was the deciding factor for our babymoon destination. We had whittled the list [...]


Pregnant Travels: Traveling during the third trimester

Travel isn’t something you should be afraid of just because you’re pregnant. As Nicole from The Traveling Canucks explains, you can even travel into your third trimester, but there [...]


Tips for Travelling While Pregnant

Many thanks to Where’s Sharon for her amazing stories and tips about traveling pregnant through Asia. For more great tips check out our Pregnant Travels section.  There is no reason to [...]


Things to Do with a Pregnant Woman, Infant and/or Toddler in Whistler, BC

We may just be starting to feel the cool breeze of autumn blowing through Seattle, but snowboard season is fast approaching. I am already looking at the calendar to see when we can get back up to [...]


Starting a New Life in Switzerland…while pregnant

As we settle into life as a family of four with baby Ty I’ve invited a few fellow travelers to share some of their stories. Up first was Nancy from Family on Bikes sharing her tale of traveling [...]


Riding the Bus While Pregnant

Let’s get one thing straight right now, pregnant women, small children, those with mobility issues and elderly citizens get first priority when it comes to seating on a bus. Young, spry [...]


Pregnant in the Snow

Similar to when you head to the tropics, you also need to take care of yourself when you are playing in the snow. You are using up more energy than you may realize and dehydrating faster as you [...]


Eating Healthy While on the Road and Pregnant

It can be really tricky eating while you are pregnant. I’m not talking about hitting a restaurant and placing an order. There are usually plenty of choices for pregnant women. I’m talking about a [...]