5 Ways Smart Home Devices Can Protect Your Home On Your Next Trip

As you gather items to pack, stop your mail, and let your neighbors know you’re going to be away, take steps to protect your home, whether you’re visiting relatives for the day or going on an [...]


Teaching a Kid to Be Internet Awesome at Home and Through Travel

The Internet is a wild and wonderful place. My boys and I have used it to go to the moon, travel down the Amazon and traipse across Antarctica… and that’s just through my computer. [...]


Embrace Safe Travels When You Carry the Allianz TravelSmart App

We all worry. As parents, it’s a pretty natural state of existence. We want our kids to grow up healthy and strong, do well in school and have good friends that don’t lead them astray. The same [...]


7 Washington DC Apps every visitor should download before you visit

Washington DC is a tourist paradise with free museums, great restaurants and more politicians roaming around and having power lunches than you probably notice. DC isn’t the easiest to navigate, [...]


DIY Safe Winter Driving Kit as You Hit the Road this Season

Winter driving can be nerve wracking. If you aren’t just a tiny bit nervous when you get behind the wheel while snow is coming down and ice might be on the road than you need to be a little more [...]


Recapping 37 days of travel with Sway

Beginning a journey. It’s filled with excitement and wonder as you explore new places, taste new flavors and meet new people. And then you come home. Everyone wants to know how your trip [...]


Office 365 Skype helps you stay connected to family while traveling

Traveling far away from your family is hard. Living far away from them is harder. Both necessitate a little creativity when it comes to staying connected. If you have kids, it becomes all the [...]


The art of toddler “homework” with ABC Mouse.com

Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! I want to play homework. This is an all too familiar sound in my house. Ever since I let my toddler hold a tablet he has wanted to have screen time; a blessing and a curse [...]


Taking Office 365 on the road to New Orleans

Multitasking is an understatement when you are a full-time mom, freelance writer, travel blogger, the family travel agent, and have more to-do lists than you can count. Staying organized when I [...]

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