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As I drive along route 99 in California gazing at vineyards, dust devils and factories, I think about all of the incredible things we have seen so far. We left less than a week ago and we have [...]

Favorite Kindle Fire apps for kids ages 1 to 5

Times have changed. Parents no longer have to hang out in the back seat entertaining their kids for hours at a time during road trips. You don’t need to pack a suitcase of toys and books for a [...]


Recipe 4 Cute captures a child’s wanderlust

Seattle artist and Recipe 4 Cute owner Emily Burnette finds inspiration for her illustrations wherever she goes. Whether walking the streets of Seattle with her 4-year-old son or discovering a [...]

5 Essential iPhone Photo Apps for Travel

Every day a new photo app comes out, or so it seems. How do you wade through all of the junk and find the iPhone photo apps you will actually use? Oh sure that Vintage Cam looked cute when you [...]

Travel Essentials: Office 365 Home Premium Proved Its Worth in Mexico

I am not a list maker, but when it comes to certain items that I have to pack, my laptop is way at the top. It is pretty much on pare with the baby’s pacifier, maybe higher. So you can imagine my [...]


Favorite iPhone Apps for Toddlers

Kids are learning fast these days. They pick up technology that we couldn’t even dream about at their age. Dek knew how to open my iPhone apps before he could walk. I’m still not sure how he got [...]

Favorite Photo Apps for Travel

There are a lot, and I mean A LOT, of photo apps out there. I have bought some that are duds and others that I can’t imagine my life without. The term “iPhonography” is taking over and every [...]


Best Holiday Apps That Get You Through the Season

Travel is hectic. Holidays make it even crazier. I’ve found a few of the best holiday apps for my iPhone that make my life a little easier and a whole lot more fun. What are you traveling with [...]

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