Think Before You Criticize a Parent Flying with Kids


Why YOU need to take a couple’s getaway before it’s too late

Let me be clear– postpartum depression and anxiety are very real. Most of us don’t even realize we suffer from any of it until we look back when the kids get a little older. This is [...]


When Travel Throws You Lemons and You Try to Make Lemonade

Waves splashed up around us. I was holding onto Jina’s feet as she leaned over the side, desperate to throw up and ease her stomach that the waves had tossed around. We were in the Caribbean Sea [...]


How Traveling with Kids Can Stop Bullying in Our Schools

Across the globe we see differences to what we know as the norm. Even at home we see different colored skin, different languages being spoken, food eaten and traditions being celebrated. When you [...]


Bringing clean drinking water to the children of the world with P&G

Remember that time your child was splashing through the puddles or on a hike with you and they bent down to drink a little of the muddy lake, stream or puddle water along the trail? You cringed [...]


Sell everything and hit the road with Crazy Family Adventure

<<< Guest Post by Bryanna from Crazy Family Adventure>>> Sell almost everything we own— our beautiful house on a half-acre, fenced lot on a dead-end road in a perfect family [...]


Driving cross country with kids isn’t all sunshine and roses

As I sat across the table from my friend Mara in DC one afternoon in November, a thought occurred to me. I was holding it together more than people knew. I’d been running at 125 percent for over [...]

Stop staring at my screaming child on the plane

The following occurred on a flight from Florida to Seattle in May. The events are real. The tears were real. The wine was delicious.  Tears were pooling and threatened to spill. Ugh. I tilted my [...]

I’m Terrified of Traveling with Kids

Yes. It’s true. I am scared stiff to travel with my kids. Stop scratching your head and pick up that jaw. I’ll explain. Traveling with kids is not easy. It’s not necessarily something you wake up [...]


How Will the Kids Survive Without Mom for One Week?

Now, I consider myself a pretty good mom. Oh sure like many others I slack off from time to time, some weeks more than others. I watch movies with my toddler when I am too tired to play one more [...]

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