Screw the Kids. It’s all About Me.

Wait until they are old enough to appreciate it. They just don’t understand, so why would you bring them? That’s a lot of money to waste on travel when they are so young. The excuses and advice [...]

I’m Terrified of Traveling with Kids

Yes. It’s true. I am scared stiff to travel with my kids. Stop scratching your head and pick up that jaw. I’ll explain. Traveling with kids is not easy. It’s not necessarily something you wake up [...]


How Will the Kids Survive Without Mom for One Week?

Now, I consider myself a pretty good mom. Oh sure like many others I slack off from time to time, some weeks more than others. I watch movies with my toddler when I am too tired to play one more [...]


Celebrate Travel: A Two Wheel Salute to National Bike Month

Did you know that May is National Bike Month? With the weather starting to get a little better here in the northern hemisphere, what better way to celebrate this outdoor activity than with a few [...]


Attempting to Handle Disappointment When Plans Change as a Parent

This weekend I was supposed to be on a romantic getaway with my husband in the San Juan Islands of Washington. We would eat, sleep, tour the island on mopeds, and say hello to a few whales. We [...]


Travel and Your Tween: A Perfect Match!

My world is filled with the infant and toddler crowd, but one day Dek and Ty will want to have a say in where we go and what we do in our travels (horrors!) Jessie Voigts from Wandering Educators [...]

Travel with Kids: Facing My Fears in Europe

I am about to embark on another solo traveling mom trip. The last time I took off by myself was when Dek was 20 months old. We went to Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China for a business trip with my [...]

Travel with Toddlers May Cause Me to Go Insane

Do you have toddlers at home? No? Have your kids already come and gone through that phase? Do you just have pleasant memories of early morning snuggles, good night kisses and digging in the sand [...]

Just Getting Out The Door Is Tough But Oh So Necessary For Our Sanity

Some of you may have noticed that the boys and I have already been out and about. Ty isn’t even a month old yet but we are already back on the streets of Seattle at least once a week. This [...]


What Happens When You Don’t Know NOT to Bring Your Infant Abroad?

As we welcome our new baby into the world I’ve invited a few fellow travelers to share some of their stories. Up first is one of my favorite traveling moms, Nancy Vogel from Family on [...]

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